xTuple News Coverage

By Seth Fineberg

Open-source ERP and CRM software maker xTuple has released xTupleCommerce – version 2.0 of its eCommerce Web portal — and acquired Web consultancy Artsmith Media to support customer demand for the offering.

Companies running their internal operations with xTuple ERP can now conduct business — both consumer and trade sales and service — with a public, customer-...

By Paul Rubens

From simple bookkeeping packages to full-blown ERP systems, open source software can provide free options for small businesses that don't have the budget for big-ticket enterprise applications.

By Andrew Carter

All businesses today, no matter how small or big they, are operating electronically. Some of them are even their systems on the cloud. However, with so many options and different products available trying to choose what system your company will use is costly and time-consuming.

ERP systems, which means Enterprise Resource Planning, is a multi billion dollar...

By Shaun Bradley

This week xTuple hosted its annual conference in Norfolk, VA, United States where our CEO & Co-founder Sujee Saparamadu discussed and presented the current integrations and the roadmap of this partner. This year the event saw over 500 industry professionals and key note speeches from many experts.

By Miranda Limonczenko

Open source simply means that the solution’s source code is made freely available to developers and potential customers. Unlike a closed source solution, open source gives power to the people. Anybody can freely use the source code to build out and customize a solution to meet any specific requirements he might need. And the solution isn’t made for only...

By Fred Blauer

The xTuple project continues to evolve and innovate. The free open source community version, known as xTuple PostBooks®, is fairly comprehensive and suitable for many small businesses. The open source commercial versions add premium functionality for manufacturers and distributors. Third-party add-ons and extensions are available through xTuple's app store. The project...

By Taija Jenkins, Associate Editor

xTuple, developers of open source enterprise resource planning software, announced the release of an updated version of its accounting, CRM and ERP software. xTuple 4.1 adds sales to the Mobile Web offering and includes new manufacturing and distribution features.

By Seth Fineberg

Open source ERP product maker xTuple has released version 4.1 of its flagship product, which now integrates an open source business intelligence suite with a mobile Web client.

By xTuple

After his company outgrew their old business management software, Kevin Biltz of Kemp Electric Supply Co. embarked on a search for a replacement. Biltz knew he needed more — and better — information from his internal systems. He was wary of older systems acquired over time by legacy vendors such as Epicor, Sage and Infor. Exorbitant costs, unreasonable time to implement and...

By Ashley Dotterweich

Accounting software is one of the most essential tools used by any business. Because smaller companies tend to have more straightforward finances, lightweight free options often work very well for SMBs. Looking for a secure, flexible option that integrates well with other solutions, such as CRM or ecommerce solutions, is the best way to make sure your free...

By Mike Williams

PostBooks® is another open source tool with all the usual accounting features: general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, invoicing, bank reconciliation and more, all accessible via a well-presented interface. But that's just the start.

By xTuple

Last week, xTuple debuted its xWD Wholesale Distribution add-on package at the IMARK Showcase, an annual marketing conference and trade show that gives the group's members an inside track on the latest products for wholesale distributors. Key decision-making members meet one-on-one with IMARK Member Services Providers, such as xTuple, to build and strengthen invaluable...

By Jacob Geiger — Work It, Richmond

Small businesses in Hampton Roads are spending a lot of time these days worrying about their biggest source of customers: the U.S. military.

Half of the federal government’s budget sequester — $85 billion in automatic spending cuts that began last month — is being carved from defense spending, even though defense makes up about one-fifth of...

Written By PJ Jakovljevic

Often I get asked the question why people refer to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system as a true “enterprise resource planning” solution if it doesn’t entail human resources management (HRM) — after all, every organization needs to manage its people, its products and services, and its finances. It seems that open source manufacturing and distribution...

By Ned Lilly

My company is the corporate sponsor of xTuple PostBooks® — a leading open source ERP — which is currently being honored as the “Project of the Month” at the SourceForge open source software portal. This Veronica Mars business got me thinking about how we might do something similar in our xTuple community, and perhaps address some of the most-requested “missing features” in...

By Chuck Schaeffer

Open source software delivers the tools that dominate the Web and run much of everything we call the cloud. But despite ubiquitous acceptance of open source databases, operating systems and development tools, are business and technology leaders ready for open source ERP applications? This is a question where the answer lies in a steady transition and market movement...

By Perry Smith

Ned Lilly judges: This weekend, dozens of local entrepreneurs gather to pitch their best web-product ideas at START NORFOLK, a friendly competition where the winner receives expert advice on how best to bring their idea to market. On today’s broadcast, we’ll learn how the competition has evolved over the past two years, and how previous winners have benefited from their...

By Phil Walzer

"There's no question that getting together face to face, going out to dinner, all the things you do as employees — you have to keep some ties to that."

Ned Lilly, CEO of xTuple, a software development firm in Norfolk, has a similar philosophy.

"Almost everybody is doing some work at home," Lilly said, but "whenever possible we like for people to be here....

By Vanessa B. Hidalgo

Business solutions provider e-Methods for Business Management Corp. (e-MBM) in partnership with xTuple headquartered in Virginia, USA, to distribute and implement xTuple products in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

By City of Norfolk

What's happening in Norfolk, Virginia. Programs focusining on life-long learning and economic vitality are bringing new buildings, new programs and a new excitement to this seaport city.

Receiving national and international awards and recognition, companies like Grow Interactive, xTuple, and others are taking Downtown by storm, and changing the face and shape...