xTuple Network — Business Continuity and Upgrade Services

XTN (xTuple Network) Services:
Upgrades and Business Continuity — Off-site Backup and Disaster Recovery Service

What would you — and your business — do if disaster strikes? Are you taking advantage of new features and functionality?

When you entrust your essential business information to one database, you need to know your data is protected. Take advantage of off-site cloud storage to prevent catastrophic business interruptions. Ensure chores connected with maintaining your xTuple database — from managed installation of software upgrades to advanced database tuning resulting from user-created data problems — are handled precisely. Guarantee tweaks to custom reports and scripts associated with moving from version to another are maintained. xTuple can help!

Remote Backup

  • Every day, xTuple electronically transfers a backup of your database to a secure off-site server for safe storage
  • Request a copy of these backups at any time

Disaster Recovery

  • Within 24 hours of a disaster, if needed, xTuple will restore your latest backup to a cloud server
  • xTuple provides up to 30 days of free access to your database, from wherever you are

Upgrade Services

  • Upgrading your xTuple installation affects your entire business, get help and stay on a regular schedule
  • Use our time-tested pilot testing methodology to ensure you're safely taking advantage of new features and functionality

Five Considerations When Analyzing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Analyze the lifetime costs of acquiring and operating software, the best TCO analysis brings out "hidden" or non-obvious ownership expenses involved in making purchase decisions or planning budgets.

Need a Dedicated Server Appliance?

Our dev / ops staff can pre-configure your own "Private Cloud" — certified hardware pre-installed with xTuple software for your convenience. Supports both Desktop and Mobile clients, as well as eCommerce — the xTupleCommerce Web Portal.

How to Buy from xTuple

Visit xTuple's MarketPlace
Find apps and extensions, documentation and forms (PDF), reports and definitions (XML), service and support, training events, and more.
How to Sell xTuple ERP Add-ons
Developed custom report, screen or script extension package, or app to interface with xTuple ERP? Want your product exposed to more xTuple users?

Have questions and need to contact us?

Need a quote or updated license key? Business hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Eastern Time (GMT-05:00-US & Canada). See below for email and additional resources.