Referral Rewards Program

Refer a Friend or Colleague — Earn $1,500 Reward

Thanks to you, xTuple earns much of its business from referrals

Thousands of businesses around the world use our software — both the free and commercial editions. Many of those companies may never enter into a commercial relationship with us, and that's OK. What is important to us is that people use the software.

We know you will value your use of xTuple's free software versions, and will want to pay it backward, and forward. Here's how:

Tell a friend about us

Frequently we meet a company for the first time having never had contact with the referring business. Now, that is an open source ecosystem.

At xTuple, we believe the ultimate measurement of your satisfaction — and the highest compliment you can give — is when you recommend us to a friend or business colleague. In appreciation, we established the xTuple Referral Reward Program (*details) to "thank you" for your confidence and trust in us and to make it even more attractive to spread the good word about xTuple business management software.


xTuple Referral Reward

Earn $1,500 cash (or credit on your account) for any referral that results in the sale of a new commercial license. Now you can enjoy good open source karma, and put a little extra money in your pocket, too. Pay it forward AND get cash back! Thank you for recommending xTuple.

* Terms and Conditions to earn your $1,500 referral reward

  1. The offer of $1,500 cash payment (or account credit) reward for a successful referral is open to both free PostBooks® users and commercial xTuple customers.
  2. Customers supplying xTuple with referrals are asked to ensure that the referred person/company is aware they will be contacted by the xTuple Sales Team. And the new customer must confirm the name and contact information of the referrer (you).
  3. In the event we receive the same referral from two sources, the first one received and dated will be the only referral eligible for the reward.
  4. Only referrals leading to a new commercial license for xTuple software (must be a minimum one-year commitment, either annual or perpetual license, for the minimum of five users) will be eligible to receive the $1,500 cash payment reward. Only one reward per sale. There is no limit to the number of referral bonuses available to any one individual or company. If you make ten (10) referrals which lead to ten (10) new xTuple commercial customers, you will receive $15,000 in cash or credit.
  5. xTuple’s interpretation of this offer and your $1,500 cash payment reward eligibility is final.