Hosting Options

Your software, your choice

The xTuple server software can run on a server-class machine in your office, or off-site in a public or private cloud environment. All xTuple cloud deployments include Business Continuity — Off-site Backup and Disaster Recovery Service — to protect you from hardware failures and data loss.

Cloud Hosting
xTuple offers cloud hosting. We manage the IT and administration of your server component, provision the hardware and install the software for you, and you get up and running quickly and easily.
On-Premise Hosting
Users can install and run their own server or purchase server space from any cloud service provider, and can manage the server on their own locally or in the cloud, if appropriate IT resources are available in-house.

Operate in xTuple Cloud

Hosting your xTuple database in the cloud is the fastest, easiest way to use xTuple — the full Desktop client — PostBooks®, Distribution, Manufacturing or Enterprise Editions. All on the same database, hosted securely for you, powered by Amazon.

  • No headaches with maintaining a server — easy and inexpensive to get started
  • Lightning quick performance
  • Your data is yours — you can leave at any time
  • No minimum number of users
  • Includes Business Continuity (Off-site Backup and Disaster Recovery Service)


xTuple Stands for Freedom of Choice

Which is best for your Business?

As the price of storage and bandwidth continue to drop, cloud-based services become more attractive to businesses of all sizes seeking to reduce IT costs and focus fully on their core responsibility — growing the business. While on-premise deployment solutions give companies greater control over administration and the cloud delivers a cost effective alternative, there is no one-size-fits-all delivery model.

Simply put: it depends on what makes business sense, according to your company's needs.

On-Premise Hosting Pros and Cons

  • Pro: Prefer to own, implement and administer your own software, applications and data
  • Pro: Greater control over administration and adherence to your IT plans, practices and security guidelines
  • Pro: Control all of your own integrations with third-party and back-end applications
  • Pro: May be moved to cloud at any time
  • Pro: Doesn't require Internet access within the office
    • Con: Added hardware costs and dependence on in-house personnel
    • Con: Potentially slower implementation
    • Con: Business continuity / disaster recovery required separately (consider XTN service)

Cloud Hosting Pros and Cons

  • Pro: Prefer the economic benefit of owning a license but don’t want the burden of purchasing and maintaining your own server architecture
  • Pro: No in-house IT staff required
  • Pro: No up-front costs for hardware and scale as business requirements grow
  • Pro: Faster implementation for greatest productivity; setup and maintenance by xTuple experts with fast hand-off to your business users
  • Pro: Affordable, pay-as-you-go pricing for lower operating expense
  • Pro: On-going maintenance, upgrade and support costs are reduced
  • Pro: Secure data storage off-site with built-in backup redundancy for instant business continuity
  • Pro: Facilitates a remote or in-the-field workforce
    • Con: Requires high-quality, reliable Internet access

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