xTuple Distribution Edition

Open source ERP recommended for distributors and inventory-centric companies

Designed by experienced distributors specifically for the electrical, HVAC, plumbing and industrial wholesale distribution market, xTuple offers a fully-integrated end-to-end software system for companies with more sophisticated inventory control needs. It contains everything in the core PostBooks® Edition, plus additional enterprise-class functionality specifically for distributors and light manufacturers.


xTuple Distribution Edition

  • Integration of third party pricing services including Trade Service
    • Browse and search the full Trade Service catalog (Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Industrial)
    • One-click conversion from catalog to sellable Item including Vendor and pricing setup
    • Option to convert to new sellable Item or to setup as additional sourcing for existing item (to support “Big Bin”)
    • Automatic update of catalog and converted Items
    • Define the Trade Service cost column used by each Vendor
    • Define “parent” relationships between Vendors to consolidate sourcing and payables
    • Integrate Trade Service Commodity Code levels into Item list
    • Import custom Price Sheets with distributor specific (net) pricing
  • Quote and Sales Order Entry and Management
    • Trade Service spec sheet and image are viewable from order entry
    • Trade Service spec sheet and image links available on Quote, Sales Order Acknowledgement and Invoice forms
    • Catalog, Item, and Item Alias search by Customer, Number, and Description
    • Ability to re-sequence lines
    • Industry Standard Margin Calculation
    • Ability to re-price one or many order lines with a targeted margin
    • Ability to select “Customer Favorite Items” based on history and add to order
    • Cost Plus pricing based on Vendor cost
    • Markups defined by Customer Type, Customer, Product Category and Item
    • Ability to issue available inventory and ship from sales order entry window
    • Ability to print shipping and acknowledgement forms from shipping window
    • Field level privileges to protect sensitive cost information
    • Sales Commissions reporting based on gross margin
    • Lost Sales reporting
    • EDI capability (requires xTuple Connect)
  • Purchase Order Entry and Management
    • Catalog, Item, and Item Alias search by Customer, Number, and Description
    • Ability to re-sequence lines
    • Support for Special Pricing Agreements (SPA) and Contracts
    • Ability to define Vendor “Freight Allowed” by weight or amount
    • Optional creation of missing Item Sourcing information
    • EDI capability (requires xTuple Connect)
  • Inventory Management
    • Ability to filter inventory by “Available to Ship”


Which xTuple Product is right for you?

Evaluate product features between editions and modules. Compare your options — by numbers of concurrent licenses, software edition, hosting and payment plans. Consider support and consulting preferences for business setup and continuity.

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