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By Accounting Today

Commercial open-source accounting, enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management software provider xTuple has introduced the xTuple Web Portal, which enables users’ websites to work directly with customers, suppliers and other business partners.

By Houston Neal

Ned Lilly co-founded xTuple, originally called OpenMFG, in October 2001, with the aim of bringing open source and ERP software together to solve the unmet needs of small to midsized manufacturers. Before that he was a co-founder of Great Bridge, an early attempt to build a business around the PostgreSQL open source database. PostgreSQL is the core technology that xTuple...

By Houston Neal

In the latest of our Expert Roundtable Series, we're focused on the state of the manufacturing ERP software industry. March was the eighth consecutive month of economic growth in manufacturing – the fastest growth the industry has seen since July of 2004 (source). Here, our roundtable of ERP industry insiders share their observation on how this light at the end of the...

By Seth Fineberg

Open-source software developer xTuple has added drop-ship purchasing, time and expense management, and cloud computing to the latest release of its enterprise resource planning software, xTuple ERP 3.5.

By Lisa Hoover

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software vendor xTuple extended the functionality of its flagship product, xTuple ERP, to include time and expense management, drop ship purchasing, and more. xTuple ERP 3.5 is designed with an eye toward automating time-intensive routine tasks that normally fall on employees to do manually.

By Evan Koblentz

Open-source company xTuple, known for its CRM and ERP software, this week launched the first in a series of platform-specific mobile applications that may later be complemented by a single multiplatform product.

By Jack Wallen

If you are shopping around for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions, you know the search can be long and hard. And you also know the solutions can be expensive and complex. But did you know there were cross-platform solutions that could run on Linux, Windows, and Mac? One of those solutions is the xTuple ERP Postbooks Edition. This ERP solution is a full-on,...

Analyst: China Martens , Jay Layman

If commercial open source ERP apps vendor xTuple could sum up its plans for the coming year in a single phrase, it would be 'broadening the appeal of its software.' One key focus of its work during its version 3.x releases has been on optimizing its infrastructure so its apps become more modular. In 2010, as xTuple starts debuting the 4.x cycle of...

By Matthew Aslett

Earlier this year Jason van Zyl from Sonatype raised the question as to why so many open core software vendors hide the pricing details of their proprietary enterprise editions, pointing out that it was in their best interests to be transparent.

By Josh Chalifour

In a call yesterday with xTuple's Ned Lilly, we had a chance to catch up on the open source ERP vendor's current business. I wanted to say a word about the company's recently launched xChange online store, which I think is a smart way for an open source enterprise software vendor to provide clients convenient access to community and partner innovations. It may also be...

By Erika Morphy

When can a company that's still "close to being a startup" compete on a level playing field against the giants in its field? During a recession, that's when, says Ned Lilly, CEO of open source ERP provider xTuple. Cash-strapped companies that once were drawn to SAP and Oracle are now giving xTuple second looks, he told CRM Buyer.

By Alex Woodie

xTuple this month opened an online store aimed at making it easier for partners and users to buy and sell add-on products that work with its open source ERP software suite. If it attracts just a fraction of the Internet traffic enjoyed by Apple and its consumer-focused AppStore, xTuple's new e-commerce website, called the xChange, will be a huge hit, and could encourage...

By The VAR Guy

xTuple is a small open source company with big plans. A prime example: The maker of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has launched an xChange Online App Store for customers and channel partners. Here's the scoop, from The VAR Guy.

By Michael Vizard

In this eWEEK podcast hosted by Mike Vizard, xTuple CEO Ned Lilly explains how the current economic climate is helping to drive the open-source phenomenon into the enterprise application arena.

By The VAR Guy

Kerner's attendence for xTuple is particularly interesting. xTuple specializes in open source ERP for Mac, Linux and Windows systems. During a quick chat at the show, Kerner mentioned that xTuple's typical customer deployments involve 15 to 100 seats. And most of xTuple's initial partners are small VARs that apparently have five or fewer employees.

By Matt Asay

...given how dependent Apple's earnings are on a tightly integrated mass of proprietary hardware and software, it's perhaps cheeky in the extreme to suggest that open-source software can help, though perhaps not entirely unexpected considering the Mac's popularity with open-source advocates.

Yet this is precisely what Ned Lilly suggests in MacNewsWorld , and I...

By One Million Blog

Cost-cutting is still at the top of many an executive’s mind as the recession continues. Today’s Deal Radar company, xTuple, uses open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) to help enterprises streamline their operations at a lower cost without a vendor lock-in. Its main products, xTuple ERP: PostBooks® and Standard and Manufacturing Editions, include...

By Tom Kaneshige

Business software has traditionally been Apple's forbidden fruit. Few, if any, of the popular ERP packages ran on Macs or required emulators to do so. But cloud computing and open source software have made platforms somewhat meaningless—and now ERP is within Apple's reach. "Things are becoming more platform agnostic," says Alex Morken, IT manager of Chris King...

By Alex Woodie

While the recession has forced many major ERP software companies to retrench their operations, open source ERP software makers such as xTuple (formerly OpenMFG) are reporting an explosion of new business. The new momentum, xTuple says, is the result of organizations increasingly questioning the value of existing ERP contracts while simultaneously overcoming their...

By Jack M. Germain

As Ned Lilly sees it, any IT consumer that is not looking at open source needs to be looking for a new job. Lilly is president and CEO of xTuple. His company provides the PostBooks® Projects Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.