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By The VAR Guy

xTuple, a small provider of open source ERP (enterprise resource planning) software, has a few surprising statements for channel partners: The company is profitable and has no plans to launch a SaaS (software as a service) platform because President and CEO Ned Lilly does not want to compete with channel partners. But that's not all.

By Christopher Musico

The open-source provider's new release — with more than 300 enhancements — looks to dig deeper into CRM. In eight years of existence, xTuple, the Norfolk, Va.–based provider of open-source software, has primarily served just one vertical: manufacturing. In an effort to further expand its focus beyond those confines, the company has now, in its 11th iteration of...

Analyst: China Martens

Commercial open-source enterprise resource planning vendor xTuple continues to expand its product line and capabilities in order to try to appeal to more customers across more industries. It has ambitious plans for 2009, looking to debut a point-of-sale module, which can be booted up independent of the ERP apps. This dipping of a toe in modularity may mark the...

By An Jay

PostBooks® is a full-featured, fully-integrated accounting, ERP, and CRM system, based on the award winning xTuple ERP Suite. It provides the ultimate in power and flexibility for a range of businesses and industries.

By Phil Hughes

Well, after a lot of false starts, I settled on PostBooks® from xTuple.com. Don't let the .com part scare you away if you are looking for something useful and free — there are three products with PostBooks being the free choice. The system includes MFG/ERP and those parts get more sophisticated in the other editions. Far from being "crippleware", PostBooks® will do more...

By PJ Jakovljevic

Another market player that has voiced its opinions is Norfolk, Virginia, (US)-based xTuple (formerly OpenMFG). Privately held xTuple is a self-financed developer of enterprise-class business process applications powered by open source software and infrastructure such as Linux operating system (OS), PostgreSQL database, and Qt, a C++ graphical user interface (GUI)...

By Ron Barrett

In a world of corporate mergers and mixed platforms. xTuple brings an ERP solution that will work across your network. Available in three editions (PostBooks, Standard and OPENMFG). xTuple provides a cross-platform solution to enterprise resource planning.

By Chris Kanaracus

xTuple has released the 3.0 version of its ERP (enterprise resource planning) application, with new features including a screen-builder tool for designing dashboards and a product configurator for processing custom orders.

By Robert Lemos

ERP has been a kind of final frontier for open source software. But now more IT leaders at midsize and smaller businesses are saying yes to open source software for ERP systems that pump the very heart of the business. ERP has been a kind of final frontier for open source software. But now more IT leaders at midsize and smaller businesses are saying yes to open source...

By Renee Boucher Ferguson

Open-source ERP software developer xTuple on Jan. 3 will launch a new three-tiered network service, the xTuple Network. Dubbed XTN for short, the network is essentially a suite of managed services designed to help users better maintain and upgrade their xTuple enterprise resource planning applications. While XTN is a step in the right direction when it comes...

By Katherine Noyes

Increased demand for Mac-compatible products fueled xTuple's move to certify its products for Leopard, the newest version of Apple's Mac OS X, Ned Lilly, xTuple's president and CEO, told LinuxInsider. "We're seeing increased demand for Mac OS X across the board, from customers you might not necessarily think of as Apple users."

By Mary Hayes Weier

xTuple will announce this week that it's certified its OpenMFG ERP suite and its simpler, free PostBooks® accounting software to run on Mac OS X Leopard.

In a corporate IT world dominated by Windows and Unix, companies that run their businesses on Mac OS systems are in the minority. But a start-up company called xTuple is rallying that minority with an ERP...

Analyst: China Martens

We recently caught up with the six-year-old company formerly known as OpenMFG, which has renamed itself xTuple to indicate its status as more than a single-product company. While the commercial open source OpenMFG ERP suite remains the vendor's flagship offering, xTuple has two other products: OpenRPT report writer and a new, fully open source version of OpenMFG...

By Tom Yager

A hunger for lighter-weight and lower-cost sales and CRM applications has brought great success to SaaS vendors such as Salesforce.com, and also lifted the fortunes of open source offerings in the space. Open source ERP has had a harder time breaking out, but here too there are several impressive offerings to choose from. And if you're looking to open source for an...

By Sean Michael Kerner

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is the goliath of the software industry, encompassing in its scope the financial and sometimes physical operations of a company.

Many smaller companies don't bother with full ERP applications due to their complexity; it's a situation that xTuple President and CEO Ned Lilly is trying to fix.

Until this...

By Jon W. Glass

NORFOLK — Ned Lilly calls it the "X factor of downtown cool." That's why the president and chief executive officer of OpenMFG LLC, a small but growing software technology company, decided to put down roots there, he said.

To accommodate its growth, the company recently paid $1.2 million to purchase two adjoining buildings downtown that stretch between West York...

By Wayne Labs, Senior Technical Editor

What do processors want from their software? Gold sums it up: “Manufacturers want reliable, all inclusive software-one that does it all or comes close.”

Some food processors make products with little or no process automation yet need to manage inventories, supply chains and customers because of complex product mix and distribution. Other...

By Ann Bednarz

“We manage this community of partners and customers like an open source project. Everybody is able and encouraged to make enhancements at the source code level, and then we bring those modifications back into the supported project,” says Ned Lilly, CEO at OpenMFG.

Analyst: Martin Schneider

While some people thought little innovation was left to be seen in the ERP space, a few technology trends have breathed new life into the sector. Software as a service (SaaS) and open source have given even the smallest businesses access to complex back-office functionality. This is possibly most true in the manufacturing space, which has more complex...

By Jan Stafford

A garment company decided it had had enough of vendor bureaucracy, outdated software and system bugs. When it came time to upgrade, open source was one the mind of this IT pro.