xTuple News Coverage

By Ashley Dotterweich

If you think you think all ERP systems are the same, then you haven’t tried xTuple yet. We spoke with Ned Lilly, CEO of xTuple and author of blog "The ERP Graveyard," and he filled us in on how xTuple is applying open source ethos to the business software world. Read on to learn how xTuple is tackling its next big endeavor: taking xTuple’s open source solution...

By Nick Kolakowski

SourceForge’s Rich Bowen recently sat down with xTuple CEO Ned Lilly to discuss the latter’s latest project, an ERP platform called PostBooks® (it’s SourceForge’s project of the month for March), and what it takes to build an effective business platform at a time when it seems like every IT vendor on the planet is interested in that particular segment.

By Community Team

SourceForge is delighted to announce that the March project of the month is PostBooks®. Postbooks is an ERP and I’m speaking with Ned Lilly, who is the CEO of xTuple, the company behind this project, to talk about what that means, and where the project is going.

By Teresa Talerico

The concept of buying local is catching on as consumers increasingly shop for products that are locally grown or produced, from organic vegetables to handmade soap to grass-fed beef. So why not technology? A number of apps, software programs and other technologies are developed right here in our own backyard.

By Jason Will

The other side of improving financial stability is from a business vantage point. If you are fortunate enough to run your own business or be the financial decision maker within an organization, then pay attention to this next piece. The tool is called PostBooks®, which is a product within xTuple’s portfolio. I’ll be focusing on the accounting component and will touch on...

By Marlon C. Magtira

As eMBM recognizes the need for affordable Enterprise Resource Planning solutions to respond to a growing local economy, the company has been recently appointed by xTuple, a global provider in open-source ERP, to distribute and implement xTuple products in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

Analyst: Vishal Jain

Open source ERP vendor xTuple has launched an HTML5-based mobile Web app built entirely on JavaScript and HTML5, and claims to have tested it with a hundred or so private beta users. Similarly, smartTrade Technologies, a vendor of financial services products, has now launched all of its trading platforms as Web apps using HTML5. Market intelligence and data...

By City of Norfolk

Mayor Paul Fraim today discussed all things Norfolk during his annual State of the City address. Pilot reporters Jill Nolin and Clay Barbour were there and provided updates on Twitter, as did others. xTuple was highlighted.

“The Granby Street corridor has become a magnet for technology companies, like xTuple,” Fraim said. “Other digital firms on Granby Street include Grow Interactive, Ciniva, Web Agency, ArtSmith Media and Sway Creative Labs.”

By Jason Will

The OSS approach is heavily reliant on virtual communities to deliver support via forums and blogs. I recently caught up with Marc O’Brien, Vice President of Business Development at xTuple, which specializes in Open Source ERP.

xTuple is a company with a mission — to help companies of all sizes successfully implement powerful and easy-to-use open source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to grow their business profitably.

By Lydia Wheeler

A panel of three judges narrowed the pool of entrepreneurial hopefuls down to 10 on Friday. Each was awarded office space in one of the five sponsoring area incubators, free telephone and Internet service, and xTuple, a business management software program that's produced locally in Norfolk.

By PJ Jakovljevic

In the final days of 2012, xTuple , a commercial open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) company that works with a global community of tens of thousands of professional users, reported its second consecutive record quarter of sales for 2012. Due to a surge of new customers in manufacturing and distribution, revenue was reportedly up 74 percent over the third...

Local investors xTuple, Kaufman & Canoles, Dominion Enterprises and JR Researching each invested $10,000, along with the city of Norfolk, which provided the space.

By Jay Layman

Open source ERP and CRM vendor xTuple is growing its business and building on its Mobile Web application that provides faster performance and mobility, but is also fully compatible with xTuple's desktop business management and accounting software. Reporting year-over-year revenue growth of almost 60% for 2012, xTuple recently updated its desktop version to xTuple Desktop...

By Phil Walzer

Norfolk's job growth also has hinged on retail. But that doesn't mean the city isn't going after "higher-paying opportunities," Rigney said. He pointed to high-tech gains in downtown Norfolk, where the software development firm xTuple added about 20 jobs in 2012.

By Lydia Wheeler

In 2011, the U.S. Economic Development Administration awarded the Hampton Roads Partnership half a million dollars. The cost-sharing grant, split into two $250,000 payments over two years, went to Innovate!HamptonRoads, a multi-faceted partnership initiative focused on growing businesses locally.

By Proformative

My CTO swears he can build my company a better ERP using open source ERP tools than we could buy from an Oracle or SAP (or any lower-end company). I respectfully disagree, but I can’t just let it sit there without an answer because I have never used open source for financials. Does anyone here have experience with open source ERP and is it great or a disaster or neither...

By DarkDuck

xTuple's PostBooks®-based ERP tool is built using a client-server model, which means that there are few installation requirements on the part of the client — so low-cost machinery can be deployed from the word go, leaving your hardware investment options open. If the mobility-cum-power afforded by notebook computers suits your business, that's possible. If you need to go...

Four years ago, Ken Moore decided that there had to be a way to cut down his IT costs at his Kenosha, Wisconsin, manufacturing company, Cordeck (www.cordeck.com). Cordeck is a full-service manufacturer and stocking distributor of corrugated steel deck, flashing, trim, and building construction accessories. Cordeck does not have an in-house IT staff, and Ken was tired of seeing the local IT...