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Analyst: Martin Schneider

OpenMFG is looking to get more visible with its ERP suite built using open source components. The company operates under what it calls a 'proprietary GPL' wherein users and partners extend the source code, and OpenMFG writes it back into the core product. But there are no free downloads or SourceForge.net projects here. OpenMFG might talk open source, but it...

By Laurie Sullivan

Though the major enterprise-application vendors are readying their software for the brave new open-source world, and more companies are shifting to open-source environments, there's plenty of room for growth.

By John Cox

The software uses or exploits several key open source components. It runs on several operating systems, but the preferred platform is Linux. The heart of the application is the PostgreSQL object-relational database.

By Larry Greenemeier

OpenMFG isn't a pure open-source model. The license makes the software's source code available to paying customers, and they can make revisions. But any improvements then belong to OpenMFG. "We bring those modifications back in like with open source, but we own them and push them to the main product," OpenMFG CEO Ned Lilly says. "This is like a proprietary GPL."...

By Josh Chalifour

There's two different ways that we license software from the pricing perspective but the terms of the license — what you can do with the software and source code availability — are the same. Anyone who purchases the software from OpenMFG gets the full source code and under the terms of the OpenMFG license any changes they wish to make to the source code. . . they need...

By Ned Lilly

Replacing an aging enterprise resource planning/manufacturing resource planning (ERP/MRP) system to stay competitive brings with it a host of questions. Will the system have the necessary visibility into manufacturing processes, particularly costs? Will it give customers and partners direct data exchange through the supply chain? Many companies facing this decision are...

By Information Week

So AMCO turned to OpenMFG, a new ERP suite designed to meet the needs of small manufacturers. "Our scheduling, planning, and work orders were killing us," general manager Kirby Slack says. "But now, with OpenMFG, that's all two mouse clicks away." Where scheduling tasks used to take a day to set up, now they're done in 30 minutes, he says.