Release Notes: xTuple ERP 4.10.0RC and many other components are now available

Version 4.10.0RC || September 2016

xTuple ERP 4.10.0RC is now available for download from xTuple's GitHub repository or the xTuple open source project page on SourceForge. This release candidate includes over 50 bug fixes and 9 features added since Beta2 and over 300 bugs fixed and 90 features implemented since 4.9.5. Commercial editions and extension packages may be downloaded by commercial customers from their private access download section of xTuple's Community Website. See the Release Notes on GitHub for complete details.

Thanks to all who contributed to make these releases possible, including a number of feature sponsors, partners, customers and interns.


The themes for this release have been:

  • Lay the groundwork for an ERP dashboards extension (see below)
  • Implement Feature Mob 2 features
  • Update technology infrastructure
  • Improve desktop application performance

As part of the technology update, you will need PostgreSQL 9.3 or 9.4 with the following PostgreSQL extensions:

In addition to the xTuple ERP databases and desktop client, we have published the following:

xTuple Updater 2.4.0

Start using Updater 2.4.0; several of the extension updates require it, including the new xTuple Connect 3.8.1.The new Updater has two important changes from previous versions:

  • Better command line support
  • Better handling of non-ASCII data

In addition you can now embed comments in the package description file and keep an Updater audit trail. 

xTuple Dashboards 1.0.0Beta2

xTuple Dashboards (xtdash) is a commercial extension that provides customizable dashboard displays to the main application window and various other key windows. You must have the xTuple Desktop extension 4.0.x installed and enabled to see and configure the main dashboard. This is currently at version 1.0.0Beta2 and may be downloaded by commercial customers from their private access download section of xTuple's Community Website. You will need to install two extensions — xtdash and the supporting nodejsshim.

xTuple Connect 3.8.1

This xTupleConnect release fixes 3 bugs, including a critical issue with scheduled reports.

Others Improvements


Release and Deployment Management

With any release — and especially one of this magnitude and interdependencies  updating requires a plan to ensure the integrity of the software is protected and that the components you need are updated properly. 

We recommend the following order of implementation: 

  1. Updater  required, standalone and backward-compatible with extensions and databases  available separately
  2. Database
  3. Desktop client
  4. Batch Manager, xtConnect client
    1. Existing database — install this
    2. Master reference (masterref) database — pre-loaded
  5. Extensions, in any order
    1. xtDesktop
      1. Existing database — install this
      2. Any reference database — pre-loaded
    2. Dashboards
      1. Existing database — install this and the supporting nodejsshim
      2. Distribution, Manufacturing and Master reference databases — pre-loaded
  6. Other
    1. CSVImp  included in 4.10RC and also available separately
    2. OpenRPT  included in 4.10RC and also available separately


Complete deployment and release notes for the 4.10.0RC and 4.10.0Beta of xTuple ERP.

Gil Moskowitz

Director Software Development

Gil joined xTuple in 2005 to develop the first version of multi-currency support in our products. He helped xTuple transition from its original closed source OpenMFG product to the commercial open source company we are today. Before coming to xTuple, Gil worked for several large and small software companies in a variety of roles, including Informix Software, where he managed the database backup/restore utility group. He always advocates for, and delivers, high-quality products through improvements to the software development process. Ask about his other jobs next time you see him — ! He has a B.A. in Biology from Reed College and an M.S. in Computer Science from Old Dominion University.