Release Notes: Connect Version 3.8.1

Version 3.8.1 || September 2016

xTuple Connect 3.8.1 is now available. This is a supplemental extension package (add-on) for xTuple ERP that provides EDI, job scheduling and deferred report printing. xTuple Connect has two components: the extension package, which gets loaded into the xTuple ERP database, and the separate Batch Manager application. Both are required components of xTuple Connect. Current owners of the add-on may download with their private online access.


This is the xTuple Connect (xtConnect) 3.8.1 bug-fix release. It must be paired with xTuple ERP 4.9.0Beta or later, any edition (PostBooks, Distribution or Manufacturing).

Please use Updater 2.4.0Beta or later to install this package.

The following items are also needed to use this extension:

  • xTuple Updater version 2.4.0Beta or later
  • xTuple ERP (see the Compatibility Matrix for the required version)

The package is installed with xTuple Updater, an application for xTuple ERP (PostBooks®, Distribution and Manufacturing Editions) which enables you to update your databases from one release to the next, to upgrade from one xTuple ERP edition to another, such as from PostBooks® to Distribution Edition, and to load supplemental extensions into your xTuple database. The Updater reads and processes upgrade scripts or packages, which are collections of files bundled together into .gz files. A full description of xTuple Updater may be found on the Updater wiki or at xTuple University.

The steps to install xTuple Connect are described in the xTuple Connect Product Guide.

The following bugs have been fixed since the release of xTuple Connect 3.8.0.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue #27547 Can't subscribe a user with translation
  • Fixed issue #28297 Received report of 'Time Phased Demand by planner code' is displayed blank when scheduled the Report using xtConnect
  • Fixed issue #28424 ALL PDFs generated through the Schedule button are blank

Gil Moskowitz

Director Software Development

Gil joined xTuple in 2005 to develop the first version of multi-currency support in our products. He helped xTuple transition from its original closed source OpenMFG product to the commercial open source company we are today. Before coming to xTuple, Gil worked for several large and small software companies in a variety of roles, including Informix Software, where he managed the database backup/restore utility group. He always advocates for, and delivers, high-quality products through improvements to the software development process. Ask about his other jobs next time you see him — ! He has a B.A. in Biology from Reed College and an M.S. in Computer Science from Old Dominion University.