New Desktop shortcuts speed your workflow

If you're interested in learning more about the new desktop shortcuts available beginning with xTuple version 4.9, we've just posted a new video explaining how these customizable shortcuts work.

That's right: these desktop shortcuts are fully customizable. With a few simple keystrokes, you can add links to your favorite xTuple screens right from the main desktop — and you don't need your system administrator to help you do it. Watch the video and you can see how easy adding these desktop shortcuts can be.

Hopefully you'll find the new shortcut feature speeds up your workflow. Shortcuts allow you to go straight to all the screens you need most, without having to navigate through the menu structure. You can link to any screen in the xTuple application. So that leaves you lots of choices!

xTuple's own marketing department finds these shortcuts extremely helpful, in this example from the CRM module.


The desktop shortcuts are part of the xtdesktop package, which comes included with xTuple ERP. You'll need xtdesktop version 4.0.x (or later) with xTuple ERP version 4.9.x (or later) to use the shortcuts. OK, so maybe you'll need your system administrator to help you upgrade. Or arrange for upgrades through xTuple's business continuity service. But for sure, once you're upgraded, adding the shortcuts couldn't be easier.

Photo credit: Big City Signs on Flickr

Pierce Tyler

Customer Success Team

Pierce is a founding member of xTuple and, for the first 18 years of the company's life (from 2001 to 2019), was responsible for the day-to-day technical support of xTuple’s global community of customers and implementation partners. In addition to his support role, Pierce managed the services group, whose scope includes implementations and ongoing professional services. He was previously a manager for knowledge management at Great Bridge, a commercial open source company serving the PostgreSQL community. For many years he taught digital literacy and college English at Old Dominion University and the University of Maryland.

Specialties: Product Support, Quality Assurance, Documentation