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By Phil Walzer

xTuple hasn't exactly quadrupled. But the software development firm has acquired another small downtown Norfolk tech company and expects a big payoff.

By Lydia Wheeler

At Start! Peninsula this year, three winners were named, but the competition continues, as the 10 finalists compete for $10,000 in seed money.

By Benita M

Headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia, xTuple is an enterprise software company that develops and markets open source software under the brand name xTuple ERP. In October 2001, Ned Lilly, the President and CEO of xTuple, co-founded the company, originally called OpenMFG, with the aim of bringing the worlds of open source and enterprise resource planning (ERP) together to solve...

By Seth Fineberg

Open-source ERP and CRM software maker xTuple has released xTupleCommerce – version 2.0 of its eCommerce Web portal — and acquired Web consultancy Artsmith Media to support customer demand for the offering.

Companies running their internal operations with xTuple ERP can now conduct business — both consumer and trade sales and service — with a public, customer-...


Award-winning Web development firm joins ERP leader xTuple to deliver fully integrated customer-facing business solutions — for consumer and trade online sales

xTuple, makers of the world’s #1 open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions, announces the availability of xTupleCommerce — version 2.0 of its eCommerce Web Portal — and the acquisition...

By Paul Rubens

From simple bookkeeping packages to full-blown ERP systems, open source software can provide free options for small businesses that don't have the budget for big-ticket enterprise applications.


At the twilight of old proprietary business management systems, open source innovation thrives

xTuple — makers of the award-winning suite of accounting, Corporate Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Planning Software (ERP) software – today announces the release of xTuple 4.2, which coincides with the theatrical release of “Thor.2” (also known as...

By Andrew Carter

All businesses today, no matter how small or big they, are operating electronically. Some of them are even their systems on the cloud. However, with so many options and different products available trying to choose what system your company will use is costly and time-consuming.

ERP systems, which means Enterprise Resource Planning, is a multi billion dollar...

Well, that was fun! For those of you not able to join us at our inaugural user conference in October... well, let's just say we hope to see you next year!

By Shaun Bradley

This week xTuple hosted its annual conference in Norfolk, VA, United States where our CEO & Co-founder Sujee Saparamadu discussed and presented the current integrations and the roadmap of this partner. This year the event saw over 500 industry professionals and key note speeches from many experts.


Standing-room only xTupleCon13 — xTuple’s inaugural open source ERP user conference — showcases software advances and highlights community achievements

Promoted as the “ultimate user conference for the world’s #1 open source ERP community,” the first ever “xTupleCon” drew together attendees from every corner of the globe, including customers, value-added resellers,...

By Miranda Limonczenko

Open source simply means that the solution’s source code is made freely available to developers and potential customers. Unlike a closed source solution, open source gives power to the people. Anybody can freely use the source code to build out and customize a solution to meet any specific requirements he might need. And the solution isn’t made for only developers...


xTuple Mobile Web Development Team writes code on weekends for “fun”

xTuple CEO Ned Lilly announced today that three members of the software company’s Mobile Web Development Team will present their award-winning open source logistics solution at the company’s inaugural user conference on October 11. The three were grand-prize winners of the fourth iteration of the...


NYC-based open source community champion AKA Consulting presents newly released commercial shipping offering

xTuple, makers of the world’s #1 open source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and AKA Consulting, a New York-based xTuple partner, today introduced ShipIt for xTuple — a software extension that streamlines the process of delivering products with leading...

By Fred Blauer

The xTuple project continues to evolve and innovate. The free open source community version, known as xTuple PostBooks®, is fairly comprehensive and suitable for many small businesses. The open source commercial versions add premium functionality for manufacturers and distributors. Third-party add-ons and extensions are available through xTuple's app store. The project is...

By Taija Jenkins, Associate Editor

xTuple, developers of open source enterprise resource planning software, announced the release of an updated version of its accounting, CRM and ERP software. xTuple 4.1 adds sales to the Mobile Web offering and includes new manufacturing and distribution features.

By Seth Fineberg

Open source ERP product maker xTuple has released version 4.1 of its flagship product, which now integrates an open source business intelligence suite with a mobile Web client.

UPDATE: This information is now outdated and is no longer supported. Please visit xTuple Forums for up-to-date discussion....

Lots to share with you in this autumn in the U.S. edition of the xTupler — my favorite time of year. Weather cools, American football season kicks off, the kids go back to school, and, of course, here at xTuple, we try to find creative and fun ways to engage with you, our community — and hopefully give a little something back in thanks for all your support.


New full-featured enterprise resource planning system implemented at 40% of the cost of “big name” legacy vendors

EMSEAL Joint Systems recently mastered the “project management triangle” — fast delivery, excellent quality and cost-effectiveness — with their implementation of xTuple, the world’s #1 open source ERP.