xTuple ERP drops the hammer with 4.2 release


At the twilight of old proprietary business management systems, open source innovation thrives

xTuple — makers of the award-winning suite of accounting, Corporate Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Planning Software (ERP) software – today announces the release of xTuple 4.2, which coincides with the theatrical release of “Thor.2” (also known as Thor: The Dark World), the latest superhero movie from Marvel Comics and Disney Studios.

The simultaneous release of Marvel’s newest big screen offering and xTuple’s latest innovation to unify big desktop and small mobile screens was celebrated with a community-wide Thor.2 | 4.2 xTuple TechMeetup.

Thor.2 | 4.2 xTuple TechMeetup

Within xTuple’s 4.x series of releases, major research and development continues to build a “rainbow bridge” between worlds, so that Windows, Mac OS, and Linux users operating from the desktop, and mobile users running on Android, Apple iOS, Windows, and Blackberry can access their mission-critical business systems anytime, anywhere.

Use xTuple via Desktop and Mobile Web

xTuple ERP 4.2 includes multiple enhancements to CRM, Project, Purchasing and Sales modules in the Desktop client, including the ability to edit Work Orders within Sales Orders (a key feature for wholesale distributors); major enhancements to Lot/Serial tracking; and a system-wide implementation of document management, with the ability to attach documents of any type to any order, form, or base record.

The Mobile Web client now includes several functional elements of the Inventory module, including the ability to issue stock from a sales order, and both clients include hundreds of minor bug fixes and other enhancements, some of which spring from the community “world tree” of the company’s recent Kickstarter-like Feature Mob 2 campaign.

“As leading proprietary ERP vendors continue to scale back their investments in product development, xTuple is innovating at the intersection of new technology, industry best practices, and, of course, Norse god-superhero tie-ins,” said CEO Ned Lilly. “I defy you to find another ERP software vendor who references the Bifrost, Yggdrasil, Mjölnir, and Ragnarök in one media release.”

xTuple’s next-generation Mobile Web solution runs on any modern tablet or smartphone, is completely interoperable with the xTuple Desktop client, and is available for on-premise xTuple installations and/or the xTuple Cloud service. And as befits the world’s #1 open source ERP solution, developers may obtain the source code for the xTuple Mobile Web client, available as a free download from the company’s repository at GitHub.com.

Version 4.2, including integrated Business Intelligence (BI) sales analysis tools, is available for a no-cost, no-obligation trial evaluation in xTuple’s cloud service.

Read more on xTuple release notes and subscribe to future release announcements. As always, please review the xTuple Compatibility Matrix before upgrading.


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