Open source xTuple releases milestone 4.9.0 — Better, Faster, Smaller


xTuple 4.9.0 sees usability and performance improvements, expanded functionality, and bug-fixes

Business software leader xTuple is drawing inspiration from “Ant-Man,” the newest member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Version 4.9.0 of the company’s flagship Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) package makes xTuple a smaller, faster, better product, and includes fixes for 164 bugs and 75 new features.

Marvel's Ant-Man
They’re not bugs, they’re features (courtesy Marvel Studios)

The new features in version 4.9.0 include user-configurable shortcuts on the application desktop, a host of new capabilities for mobile inventory management and label printing, and the ability to manage and sell time- and inventory-based events such as training classes.

“In addition to delivering the world’s #1 open source ERP software and providing excellent customer service,” said xTuple CEO Ned Lilly, “we’ve also long prided ourselves on our ability to tie product releases to Marvel superhero movie releases — with even the most tenuous messaging. So, here goes: Just as Ant-Man can shrink in size, but continue to perform at a high level, xTuple ERP 4.9.0 is better, faster, and smaller than previous releases. And, of course, we fixed a lot of bugs.”

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See for yourself. As an open source project leader, and with a company culture strongly informed by transparency, xTuple has long published its internal bug tracker on the community website,

And yes, with their own product released, a large contingent from the company’s headquarters shared a team-building matinee showing of “Ant-Man” on its Friday release day.

As always, please review the xTuple Compatibility Matrix before upgrading.


Screenshots from the newly-released xTuple 4.9.0 in various operating systems

xTuple's Welcome Page
Welcome Page

CRM module of the new desktop

Item Availability Workbench

Customer workbench accounting

Item Availability Workbench Bill of Materials (BOM)

Work Order (Windows operating system)


Great time at company outing to see astonishingly fun @AntMan after squashing 164 bugs. They didn’t feel a thing | #ERP [add Ant emoji]

Better, faster, smaller! New release squashes record 164 bugs #AntMan #enSW | #ERP

Announced: milestone release 4.9 with “beautiful” new user experience | #ERP

75 new features, new capabilities for mobile inventory released in 4.9 | #ERP

#Opensource software leader releases 4.9 with new features and “look” | #ERP


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