Greatest Hits Volume Three: xTuple Comes Alive


Third compilation of community enhancements from global leader in open source ERP — xTuple customers love our way, every day

Just released! Representing the company’s latest product development lustrum from 2013 to 2018, xTuple's third "greatest hits" album (GHV3) is a best-of collection of the most well-regarded and highest-rated features — developed in partnership with an engaged global customer and community base.

Back in March 2008, the dull and dreary world of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software was rocked by a breathtaking new concept — major enhancements to a business management software designed and contributed by the actual users. Thus was born the first collection of "xTuple's Greatest Hits" — 13 features that launched the upstart ERP vendor on a rocket ship up the charts.

In February 2013 — five years later — lightning struck twice. "xTuple's Greatest Hits, Volume 2" was released, highlighting 13 more hot features from an all-new batch of contributors, including xTuple's second "Feature Mob" — a massive project that brought together 57 companies to sponsor the development of email integration inside the ERP.

As xTuple is still riding that "rocket to the stars" and another five years have passed, CEO Ned Lilly asked: "How can the company take this to the next level, to 11 perhaps? If we need that extra push over the cliff?"

Add in the successful series of xTuple® ROADSHOWS, taking the show "on the road," plus even more Spinal Tap references alluding to the next greatest hits from xTuple open source ERP: Go to the source, the defining musical experience of 70s vinyl culture — the double live album. 

xTuple pays tribute with a special homage to one of the best-selling live albums of all time — Frampton Comes Alive! and the great Peter Frampton himself. With a thunderous cascade of applause for the artistic talents of the in-house marketing team and the sportsmanship of xTuple's head of software development Gil Moskowitz, xTuple proudly presents xTuple Comes Alive!


xTuple Comes Alive - Greatest Hits 3

xTuple’s Greatest Hits Volume Three — Let's get right to the tracks!

Disc One

1. Event Management. Longtime xTuple customer ASSET Stem Education, a leading provider of educational training resources, wanted to integrate the scheduling and accounting of classes and other events into the ERP system. Event Management is now available as an add-on package and powers xTuple's own online training classes.

2. Quality Control. Shanghai-based Modernspace Asia, which makes in-store display systems for retailers worldwide, led the development of this module, which provides for inspection and testing procedures throughout product development and manufacturing. Available as an add-on package, or included in xTuple Enterprise Edition.

3. Bank Reconciliation Import. In collaboration with two-time xTuple Partner of the Year Soluciones Empresariales Open and sustainable energy pioneer Biofields (Gestion y Administracion Sustentable), both based in Mexico, we added a flexible and long-desired capability to import and reconcile bank statements.

4. Simple Sales Order. While the standard xTuple sales order form is incredibly powerful, sometimes it can be a bit much, especially for companies in high-volume order entry environments. Several xTuple customers in the electrical supply and distribution business contributed to the development of a dramatically simplified order entry screen.

5. Feature Mob 2. The original had 57 customers sponsoring one big feature; version two saw 25 customers chip in to add 30 smaller, but most-requested features, including integration with external payroll and business intelligence systems, exchange rate and electronic payment tools, finance charges, and loads of user interface and ease-of-use improvements.

6. Rentals Management. Most of xTuple's commercial customers are in manufacturing or distribution, but Virginia-based Bay Equipment specializes in equipment rentals. Adding a Rentals Management module to xTuple enables Bay to grow the business aggressively while maintaining the outstanding customer service for which they're known.

7. Rentals Dispatch. And while we're talking rentals, let's talk about Warning Lites of Minnesota, who added the capability to schedule and manage delivery and pickups of rented items such as the highway construction signs they send all across their state.

8. Discounts and Promotions. We called it "Enhanced Pricing." However, longtime customer Nordic Naturals, a global leader in natural health products knows a few things about marketing and came up with this much better name. Featuring a flexible engine for managing advanced rules and campaigns, including all types of coupon promotions, this is marketing automation at its coolest.

9. CRM Campaign Management. And speaking of campaigns, that's just one piece of a major overhaul of the Customer Relationship Management module sponsored by rapidly-growing Cordeck Building Solutions, a global leader in metal deck solutions and floor cable distribution systems.

10. Mobile Inventory. Rounding out Disc One is a major improvement to xTuple's mobile device solutions. After a few early efforts that might best be characterized as obscure B-sides, we've got an exciting wireless warehouse solution that's being driven by fresh foods innovator Boskovich Farms of California. Available exclusively from xTuple Professional Services as we roll it out to other users for more feedback.

Disc Two

Side One. ERPlets (REST API jam). So much more than an extended guitar solo, this next-generation Application Programming Interface (API) is a key piece of xTuple's technology roadmap for the next ten years. xTuple worked with dozens of customers and outside partners to make every ERP business object — from items to invoices to contact information to time and expenses — available as Web services, consumable in small discrete pieces with all the relevant business logic attached. We call them ERPlets — get it? Like little bits of ERP? And it's the RESTful API that makes this next generation of integration possible. Including…

Side Two. xTupleCommerce (Suite, Part 2). xTuple partnered with over a dozen customers to deliver real-time Web Portal. So xTuple's customers' customers — whether they're B2B (business-to-business) or consumers — can visit a website and interact directly with a carefully controlled view of the live ERP system. Like Side One, this as an extended jam session, but picking up on the symphonic pretensions of some of the great 70s albums, this side is offered as a Suite with five representative parts: Product Catalog / Saved Shopping Carts / Customer-Specific Pricing / Real-time Inventory / Merchandising and Promotion.

And befitting any respectable catalog of notable releases, xTupleCommerce version 1.0 is now shipping.



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