xTuple’s Greatest Hits Volume Two celebrates community commitment


Second compilation of major customer- and community-developed “classic” features from the global leader in open source ERP

Just released! Representing the company’s second chapter of life from 2008 through 2012, xTuple's second "best of" or "greatest hits" album (GHV2) is a collection of the most well-regarded and highest-rated features — developed in partnership with an engaged global customer and community base.


xTuple Greatest Hits Volume 2


xTuple Greatest Hits Volume TwoThe “track list” contains previously released enhancements with a high degree of notability. While it is common to increase the commercial appeal of such an “album” anthology — especially to people who already own the original releases — by merely including remixes and/or alternate takes of popular features or even previously unreleased new material, xTuple’s GHV2 is representative of features that charted successfully and are some of the most notorious examples of greatest hits quality.

Hum along. Tap your feet. Drumroll please.

With xTuple's globally recognized "hits" in commercial open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, growing companies continue to improve the way they do business. They gain control over their operations and profitability — as xTuple builds and deploys great technology with the commitment of the open source community.

xTuple’s Greatest Hits Volume Two track list, in detail

1. Site-level security (June 2008):  As part of a large effort with retail stores in the mobile phone business, a leading wireless carrier sponsored the development of inventory security at the site (store) level. Individual stores could track their own inventory, and corporate supervisors could see and move materials across any number of sites.

2. Right-Click Copy to Clipboard (February 2009): A great example of a minor contribution making a major difference in people’s productivity! Julian Standring of UK-based engineering firm Corac Group PLC submitted this gem, which allows for easy exporting of xTuple data to other office applications.

3. Distribution Resource Planning (DRP) (August 2009):  International furniture manufacturer and supplier Sitwell Furniture drove the development of this major distribution functionality, allowing for planned purchasing and inventory movement across multiple facilities.

4. Enhanced VAT and International Tax Overhaul (August 2009):  This project spanned the globe, and involved over a dozen xTuple users in five continents. A detailed specification for supporting different varieties of Value-Added Tax, and n-level taxation was drafted by this working group. xTuple and its partner Aptsource Software jointly coded the solution.

5. Enhanced Report Writer Tools (November 2009):  French developer Ilya Diallo has been a major outside contributor to the OpenRPT report writer, originally developed by xTuple and available either as a free-standing report writer or embedded in the xTuple Desktop client. His enhancements range from bar codes to colors, fonts, shapes and pagination issues.

6. Drop Ship Management (May 2010):  Another key piece of functionality needed by distributors – the ability to ship directly to the customer without taking possession of inventory — was sponsored by Australia’s Claytan Ceramic Pty Ltd.

7. Business-to-Business Web Portal (September 2010):  Minnesota-based Bergin Fruit and Nut was the catalyst for the productization of xTuple’s Web Portal software. Originally developed as a website support module, interfacing the customer-facing Drupal website with xTuple’s Corporate/Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module, the Portal took on a Business-to-Business (B2B) Sales role under Bergin’s direction and sponsorship. Now xTuple users have the full range of sales and support relationships with their customers on a website, fully integrated with their xTuple back-end system.

8. External Email Integration (February 2011):  Like its distant cousin, the “Flash mob,” xTuple’s first “Feature Mob” consisted of 57 different companies as micro sponsors in the specification of a long-desired feature:  the ability to integrate any and all company email with the ERP system. Through a combination of social-networking and flash-mob couponing, the cost per participant came down with each additional sponsor.

9. Fixed Assets (March 2011):  Former SAP consultant Dave Anderson, based in New Zealand, has been a prolific contributor — and now heads his own consultancy Pentuple. He developed three editions of this loadable xTuple package — Fixed Asset Register (free), Depreciation and Maintenance.

10. Project Accounting (March 2011):  Quebec-based xTuple partner Concerti, Inc., developed the requirements for its manufacturing customer who required the ability to do financial reporting and budgeting on a project-by-project basis. This package is now available separately or as part of the xTuple Enterprise Edition.

11. Work Week and Shop Floor Calendar (February 2012):  Among the many contributions of storage and moving giant U-Haul over the past four years was the enhanced intelligence of the manufacturing calendar in xTuple and how it interacts with the various planning systems.

12. Enhanced Commissions (June 2012):  One of the newer components of the xTuple Enterprise Edition is a powerful set of features managing complex sales commissions. The lead sponsor of this package was EMSEAL, a multinational manufacturer of sealants and expansion joints, servicing the construction trade (and no stranger to sales complexity).

A bonus track just barely slid in under the wire to be considered in GHV2's classics from 2008 to 2012. Lucky number 13 on the list emphasizes the most recent focus of the xTuple open source development community, foreshadowing what to expect from this next generation, bleeding edge business management software.

13. Cost-Plus Pricing (December 2012):  This feature was part of the community-developed spec for the xTuple xWD package for wholesale distributors (now xTuple Distribution Edition).  Working with charter xWD customer Kelly & Hayes Electrical Supply, we determined this feature — useful for distributors in every industry — belonged in the PostBooks® core.

For a blast from the not so distant past, check out the tunes from the original release of xTuple’s Greatest Hits.



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