Business Happens on the Web

Your customers are buying online. Are you selling — and servicing them — online?

Picture your Company here ... Give your business partners and customers complete 24/7/365 sales and service access, from anywhere in the world.




Integrated all-in-one Enterprise Resource Planning and eCommerce improves marketing and operational efficiencies.

ERP-integrated website technology delivers streamlined operations for manufacturers and distributors — serve your existing customers online, and attract new ones with eCommerce sales. xTupleCommerce isn’t a simple marketing website; it’s a live extension of your ERP. It's your BEST competitive advantage!



Let Us Show You How!

Customers want to buy business-related products and services online.

  • B2B buyers prefer self-service, to learn about companies and products on their own, at a time and place of their choosing, rather than talk with a salesperson.
  • B2B buyers prefer to place their orders online (93%).
  • B2B buyers prefer to research products online (68%).
  • B2B customers are happiest in an omnichannel environment, where they have access to the majority of their work online and sales representative is available if/when needed.
  • B2B buyers prefer to manage their account information and purchasing.

ß2ß data — From Forrester Research on business-to-business buying-selling trends