xTupler #49 — 5.0 is coming — Catch the Wave!

Preview 2019: Your business is changing. The economy is moving; optimism is on the rise. IN THIS ISSUE: xTuple 5.0 — Major upgrade for xTuple Users such as CRM enhancements (including sophisticated marketing automation), tax integrations and subscriptions! Winners Announced: xTupleCommerce License giveaway; Where's Wally? Talking IOT with Global Manufacturers; More Hot Topics; upcoming xTupleU Training.


xTupler #49  |  December 2018


Dear Community —

Well, you've probably heard by now about the upcoming xTuple 5.0. We just recently published the "alpha" release (for testing purposes only!), and we've been reaching out to people about how best to position their business to take advantage of what will be a major upgrade for all xTuple users.

In "From the CEO's Desk" I recap for you what's included in the 5.0 release, such as major CRM enhancements (including sophisticated marketing automation), tax integrations and subscriptions to name a few. And let me also tell you how xTuple is helping keep customer's ERP current, safe... and supported!

From the CEO's Desk 


xTuple 5.0 is coming — Catch the Wave!

Trying to solve sales and marketing challenges and prepare for tomorrow's unique business needs? Suffering compliance headaches, such as sales tax complexity? Big changes in xTuple to — exceed — your requirements. Here's why you should care, and what's in 5.0 for you.





xTupleCommerce License Winners

$25,000 Retail Value (each)

Delta "T" Systems, Inc.
Pelco Component Technologies

More to come as their new B2B Web Portals are launched!




This November found me in Atlanta (USA) at FABTECH 2018, North America's Largest Metal Forming, Fabricating, Welding and Finishing event. Also attending: xTuple solution provider Phil McIntosh (Friendly Systems), Matthew Walt (xTuple's Director of Business Process Improvement), and David Beauchamp (xTuple Software Implementation Engineer/Lead IoT Developer) speaking on: “Internet of Things Meets Kanban: An Updated Take on Inventory Control and E-kanban."

— Wally Tonra, xTuple VP Sales 





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