xTupler #48 — Everything is Awesome

Record low unemployment, quarterly growth numbers, and — most encouragingly — small business confidence. IN THIS ISSUE: Product News — Invest Now for long-term Business Growth; xTupleCommerce wins Innovation Product of the Year Award; Where's Wally? Team xTuple is on the Agenda at MFGCON18 and FABTECH18; Partners — Why I Work with xTupleCommerce; Meet the Interns — Summer 2018 & Beyond; xTupleU — upcoming Training; Need In-House xTuple Expertise? Post Your Job Openings (free!)

xTupler #48  |  August 2018

Dear Community —

I just saw "The Lego Movie" recently, which was of course great fun. Sure, it's a whip-smart commentary on corporatism, groupthink, and the awkward process of growing old and losing your soul... but I just can't get that hilariously catchy theme song out of my head. Everything is Awesome!

We're seeing all kinds of news these days about record low unemployment, quarterly growth numbers, and — most encouragingly — small business confidence. So, is everything really going to be awesome now?

It does appear that things are picking up — hopefully, you're seeing some evidence in your own business — increased customer demand, better access to capital, etc. It's the perfect time to put in place some real programs to shore up that growth, and put your business on firmer footing for the future.

Of course, here at xTuple, we'd love to help. We've had many, many customers over the years invest in our software at times like this — and profit from that investment by having systems and processes in place to continue growing sales, and just as importantly, efficiently manage costs as they grow.

You might recall the second line in the song is "everything is cool when you're part of a team." All the Lego people worked together efficiently, making and building things. So, to help make everything even more awesome, we're offering a special promotion through September to make it easier to acquire the right number of xTuple software licenses to help your team — and your business — grow. Details here:

Revitalizing the economy, one business at a time 



Product News — Invest Now for long-term Business Growth

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Save 40% on Licenses  

Innovation Product of the Year Award
Innovation Product of the Year

xTuple is proud to accept the Innovation Product of the Year Award for xTupleCommerce from Innovation Collaborative Hampton Roads, a member of the Tech Councils of Virginia.

Special thanks goes to Andrey Mikheychik, Senior Engineer, Lead Developer and Product Owner on the xTupleCommerce project. Andrey worked closely with Product Management to design the architecture and develop xTupleCommerce into a single web-based framework functioning as a mobile-optimized B2B eCommerce system, Customer Web Portal, Sales Enablement Tool, and Marketing Communication Management System. He built xTupleCommerce to solve important business challenges and to be deployed, upgraded, and extended at an accelerated pace; the core system was required to scale with growth of xTuple ERP’s enterprise customers and rely 100% on xTuple ERP’s REST API for all transactional and customer data, while being flexible enough to adapt to specific business use cases and customizations.



Where's Wally? Team xTuple is on the Agenda

Wally Tonra
VP sales Wally Tonra will be joined for presentations over the next few months by subject matter experts from customers, partners and the xTuple development team. Click on the event links to see our topics such as Internet of Things (IoT), kanban, ISO certification and more. North Carolina's statewide (#MFGCON18) in Durham 9/18-9/19. FABTECH Atlanta 11/6-11/8 (#FABTECH18).




Other upcoming events where xTuple is exhibiting International Manufacturing Technolgy Show (#IMTS2018) in Chicago 9/10-9/15; IMPACT Manufacturing Fall Summit in Chicago 10/14-10/16 (invite only-use code: XTP2018).




Collective Brainpower Blog & News

 Partners — Why I Work with xTupleCommerce

Stefan Zauchenberger
"xTupleCommerce is clearly an innovative product that has significant potential. Our clients understand the value of a web solution with a real-time integration to their ERP and view this software as a unique and desirable technology previously unavailable in the marketplace. Our customers needed web pages directly integrated with product and customer data from the ERP, and it was critical that the system was flexible to adapt to their special requirements. Using xTupleCommerce, the xTuple team guided our developers through the process of building these custom features. With the release version one, we anticipate event better performance and functionality from the product in the immediate future.”

Stefan Zauchenberger, Managing Partner — ICE Systems, L.L.C.



xTupleU — Training for 2018-2019

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xTuple Webinar


What's New in ERP? Business Happens on the Web

  • AUGUST 30
  • Topic: The Right ERP and eCommerce Platform can Make [or BREAK] Your Business


xTuple Classes


ERP Boot Camp: Setup and Configuration

  • NOVEMBER 5-9
  • Arlington, Virginia (USA)


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Non-Accountants: Easy to Understand Accounting

  • OCTOBER 16


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xTupleR Staffer Feature

Gilberto Rivera
Gilberto Rivera, Senior Software Engineer

Joined: March 2018

Location: xTuple Headquarters

Mission: Adding new features and functionality to xTuple’s desktop client, then coding for xTuple Commerce and the REST API

CV: Master of Engineering in Computer Science from Cornell; worked as software QA engineer for semiconductor test company LTX in Massachusetts; worked 12 years as an application engineer on Hospitality and Public Sector products for Oracle

Personal: Originally from Puerto Rico. Have lived in NY, Massachusetts, and most recently California; served as youth minister and confirmation teacher for 10+ years; moved for xTuple position with wife and 3-year old son from San Francisco Bay Area

Hobbies: Enjoy gaming of all types, board, card and video games; sci-fi/fantasy nerd and enjoy associated books, tv shows and movies; love learning about theology; like to bake, knit, sew, and other random crafty things; fond of instrumental and electronic music and other random interests: archery, medieval dance, and building Metal Earth models

Why technology as a career? “As a kid I was introduced to programing in school and in PBS’s 3-2-1 Contact magazines in the 80s. It was fun to tell a computer what to do. My love of video games led me to software development as a career path, though I’d rather play games than make them. I did find it satisfying to build software that was useful to people and helped them do things they needed to do. I hope to continue building quality software here at xTuple that enhances people's productivity.”


Inside Business: Read Gilberto's Feature

Meet the Interns — Summer 2018 & Beyond

Meet the Interns

From left to right:

  • Connor Yager — Software Development; 3rd year in UVA School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, majoring in Computer Science
  • Morgan Watts — Sales; 2nd year at VCU, majoring in Supply Chain Management
  • Jazmyn Bremby — Social Media/Marketing; 3rd year in ODU School of Communications, majoring in Public Relations
  • Steve Casamento — Business Intelligence/Sales Analyst; ODU Class of 2018, B.S. in Business Administration

Norfolk Academy

Nathan Williams and Rob Russell, both rising seniors at Norfolk Academy — Virginia's oldest independent school founded in 1728, worked on projects in software development as well as sales and marketing departments.



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