xTupler #44 — We've Only Just Begun

xTupler #44  |  December 2016


Dear Community —

If you’ll indulge me in a bit of year-end optimism, let me quote former U.S. President Gerald Ford: “Our long national nightmare is over.” I’m referring, of course, to the tumultuous presidential election just concluded (whew!), and the indications that economic activity appears to be picking up around the world. So perhaps a better message from the 1970s might be "We've Only Just Begun."

You can begin 2017 strong — with the latest xTuple version 4.10 (now in final release), and the xTupleCommerce Customer Web Portal, maybe hosted in our Amazon cloud service. Take a look at your special year-end offer at the bottom of this email.

And thank you, as always, for your business, your support, and your commitment to the global xTuple community. All our best for a happy and healthy holiday season!



Spotlight on Support

Product News — Version 4.10 Now Final

xTuple ERP Product Manager Ben Thompson has written a deep-dive "What's in it For Me?" on this latest major release. 4.10.0 final delivers many new features and technology changes. Updates include Dashboard extension, Simple Sales Order Entry window, VAT/GST Taxation enhancements, Workflow Management into the Desktop Client, FeatureMob2 items, and more.

Ben provides you with graphic examples, webcasts and new product guides ...


Earn and Spend Your Training Credits

As we plan the training schedule for 2017, make sure you're taking advantage of the exciting new training credits program. xTuple Training Credits are a lot like airline miles. You travel to earn them, and you can "spend" your miles toward more travel.

Unlike air miles, you earn complimentary xTuple Training Credits when purchasing an annual Support Contract. So, you might be wondering, "How many Training Credits do I need to get an xTuple class for free?"


Where's Wally? Talking "Intimacy" in Las Vegas

Recently, I was joined by Josh Fischer, xTupleCommerce Product Manager, at the huge annual FABTECH Expo (close to 40,000 attendees and nearly 2,000 exhibitors) where he was invited to speak about growth strategies for manufacturers.

The topic: how to satisfy and develop closer relationships with customers (and prospects) to build a more loyal following, repeat business and referrals. Josh shared his digital "secret sauce" to fostering such intimate, loyalty-based relationships with your customers ... PLUS he's written an e-book you can download.


 Customer Corner — Magna-Power Electronics

xTuple is pleased to share some exciting news: long-time customer Magna-Power Electronics is the recipient of the 2016 New Jersey Manufacturer of the Year Award.

Magna-Power Electronics designs and manufactures robust programmable DC power products that set industry standards for quality, size and control. Their highly reputable, market-leading power electronics products can be found around the world feeding power to national laboratories, universities, and a wide range of industrial sites.

As xTuple is headquartered in Norfolk, Va., home to the world’s largest naval base, it gave us immense pleasure to learn that the newest generation of the largest and most technologically advanced surface warship — U.S. Navy destroyer USS Zumwalt — hit the high seas with Magna-Power DC power supplies on board....


Partner News

xTuple recognized strong channel accomplishments at the PartnerCon16 annual meeting in October: Partner of the Year — Dan Means Memorial Award was presented to Phil McIntosh of Southeastern U.S.-based Friendly Systems. Rookie Partner of the Year was presented to Ken Minx of Minx Consulting, Inc., located in Southern California.... Read More

Women of Distinction Magazine recognized xTuple Partner Janet Bradsher as a “Distinguished Professional in Her Field” in their Top Entrepreneur’s Edition.... Read More


xTupleR Staffer Feature

Christopher Cotnoir, Software Developer
Joined: March 2016 | Social: LinkedIn

Location: Headquarters

CV: Research Assistant for ODU's Center for Accelerator Science; B.S. in Physics and B.S. in Computer Science from ODU.

Personal: Single with no pets (yet), live in Chesapeake. Enjoy video games, programming, and other nerdy stuff.

Hobbies: Video games, watching anime and various Internet activities. As a U.S. Chess Federation (USCF) member, I enjoy chess when I can find someone to play against. Also enjoy working with and thinking about math, science, and philosophy.

Why technology as a career? I enjoy the challenge, the problem-solving aspect of programming software. Writing code and getting it to work is often like a sort of puzzle.

Why xTuple? The flexibility and casual atmosphere.


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