Hampton Roads Business Report: Growing Jobs

By: WAVY News Staff

You must also get workers to move here from other areas of the country like they are doing at xTuple in Norfolk, which produces business management software.

"We have had good success bringing people form California, Boston, New York. About a third of our people have moved to Norfolk," says xTuple's president and CEO Ned Lilly. "A guy moved here from California from Oracle. He moved his family to Chesapeake... he moved here because he liked the cost of living, and he liked our business, of course."

xTuple employs 30 people and credits 757 Angels for its success, "They helped us grow and expand our product base... if they hadn't helped, we'd still be slugging it out at a lower level, and we wouldn't have been able to grow like we have... we have created high wage jobs, technology jobs, and that's what we have been able to do as a result of 757 Angels."