What's in a name? Why "xTuple"?

Renaming a company (we were formerly known as OpenMFG) and launching a new brand is not something anyone should undertake lightly. But with the expanded line of products and services, and a broadening of our target audience to include companies who might not do much actual manufacturing, the time was right in 2007. We were looking for something exciting, that speaks powerfully to the possibility for exponential growth in the key business metrics that are important to our customers. Double (2x), quadruple (4x), quintuple (5x) — xTuple. There is also, we confess, a bit of a geek-insider joke (there always is, with software companies). In computer science and mathematics, a "tuple" is a name for any two or more points of data you wish to analyze. In fact, in database circles, rows of the database are often referred to as tuples. So it's ex-tuple, from the database. Get it? Read more in About xTuple.