xTuple named featured project on Sourceforge

Recognizing xTuple ERP solutions as the “world's #1 open source ERP” means xTuple has become a significant threat to legacy business management software vendors in manufacturing and wholesale distribution.

PostBooks® was recently named a 'Featured Project' on Sourceforge. No small feat with over 320,000 projects on Sourceforge totaling 4,000,000 downloads per day. The Sourceforge team should be highly commended for the exposure and also the work they do for the open source community.

The open source PostBooks® is a full-featured, fully-integrated business management system, the core of the award winning xTuple ERP Suite. Built with the open source PostgreSQL database and the open source Qt framework for C++, it provides the ultimate in power and flexibility for a range of businesses and industries of any size. It has been downloaded over one million times, a big number for ERP/Accounting/Manufacturing software.

As importantly, I speak with happy users of both the free and open source (FOSS) PostBooks® and the commercially supported xTuple ERP Editions every day. In fact, I visited customer Nordic Naturals a few weeks ago, and as I was signing in, the receptionist saw the xTuple company name on the security sheet. She smiled (sweetly) and let me know she was currently looking at an xTuple screen. Yes, she was smiling...

ERP software and a smile don't always co-exist. There should be a smile-meter for ALL business management software. It not only has to accomplish what it is intended for; software should also make your job easier.

xTuple is a company with not only great software but great people supporting the implementations, our Professional Services Team and our world-wide Partners. A wonderful part of open source software is the community support for issues, bugs, fixes and enhancements! PostBooks® users have a robust community, evidenced by the developer blogs and user forums.

When I visit xTuple headquarters, I always like to see the Support Team in action, where the smile-meter is constantly enhanced by talented people who really care for our customers. The xTuple corporate culture cares for the community and for customers. In these days of the ERP Graveyard and End-of-Life pronouncements, it is personally satisfying to experience such a supportive and thriving culture.

Is such customer love and nurturing maintainable while xTuple continues to rapidly grow? Yes, another benefit of open source software is community, community, community. We open source evangelists continue to stay close to the community and collaborate with our global partners and users. This connection will continue and grow as we grow.

It is great exposure to be recognized as a featured project on SourceForge. xTuple will have further  significant exposure and milestones in 2013. You’ll see the new Mobile Web CRM at Macworld January 31-February 2, 2013, as xTuple's Vice President of Sales, Wally Tonra, and I kick off another excellent year (after a stellar 2012). Come join us at Macworld or contribute to our growing community!

“Smile meter” photo credit: Benjamin Smith on Flickr

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Marc O'Brien

Business Development at xTuple, December 2012 – December 2013

With a long, distinguished history in the software marketplace, Marc joined xTuple in December 2012 from Acquia (www.acquia.com), where he served as vice president and general manager for social software and Drupal applications. His rookie years were spent with Texas Instruments running the Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) department before he jumped into mainframe sales with MRO Software (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul), Inc. — formerly known as PSDI — which published Maximo, an Enterprise Asset Management system, since acquired by IBM. Marc also led North American Sales for the Scitor Corporation, then founded WebProject, the first Internet-based team application. He then co-founded cloud and open source technology company, Projity, which was acquired in 2008 by Serena Software. The company’s open source alternative to Microsoft Project, OpenProj (now ProjectLibre www.projectlibre.org), has been downloaded over four million times in nearly 200 countries, and Marc continues as project lead for ProjectLibre. Marc holds a B.S. in Engineering and Management from New York’s independent technology-focused Clarkson University. He is based in Silicon Valley, California.