APICS Supply Chain Professionals Get First Look at xTupleCommerce

I am very excited to be heading back to the APICS show in Las Vegas next month. This year, xTuple is a proud sponsor of APICS2015, the premier conference for supply chain and operations management professionals. It's been a few years since we have attended, and I am sure APICS, like lots of other conferences over the last decade, has seen some changes.

This year seems to be getting some of that "Manufacturing coming back to the U.S." vibe. We are observing it every day at xTuple. We are talking to exciting companies that are making all kinds of products that they are selling themselves or into a larger supply chain. It's everywhere. I can't wait to get out to APICS and talk with some of these companies in person. There seems to be all kinds of different drivers right now for manufacturers to be looking into ERP.

One common trend that every company mentions is eCommerce. Some companies are already selling their products on the Web; some are trying to figure out how best to work with their customers and trading partners. xTupleCommerce offers a beautifully integrated solution and here is a special promotion to go along with the APICS show:


Hope to see you in Vegas!

Read the media release about the Supply Chain's Premier Event: Supply chain and operations management professionals get first look at integrated xTuple ERP and eCommerce

Wally Tonra

Vice President Sales

Wally has been with xTuple since 2004 and in ERP sales since the mid-1990s. After all that time selling vendor-centric, proprietary enterprise software, moving to an open source, Mac-friendly ERP package was a natural evolution. Prior to xTuple, Wally spent 10 years at JD Edwards, which was eventually acquired by Peoplesoft, in various sales and sales management positions. He made the move to xTuple before Oracle took over both Peoplesoft and the former JDE. Prior to JD Edwards, Wally held sales positions at ERP software company Daly.commerce (formerly Daly and Wolcott), hardware supplier XL/Datacomp and storage vendor EMC. Wally holds a B.S. from Boston College, where the Mac fanaticism all began.