When do I need to renew my PostBooks® license key? 2018 expirations!

Are you running your business with PostBooks® — the core of xTuple's open source ERP — the fully-integrated business management system featuring sales, accounting, operations and CRM in a single system? If you hold a one-user license, you may have noticed a license expiration message.

Single-user keys expire at the end of this month, January 2018. But don't worry. New keys — set with an annual calendar-year renewal — are freely available when you submit a request. PostBooks® provides the ultimate in power and flexibility for a range of businesses and industries, of any size. Save your valuable company data!

If your xTuple license key expires, it will cause your software to cease to function, and you will lose your data. Request your renewal (or new!) PostBooks® key now.

Free PostBooks® licenses are available for up to four (4) concurrent users, personalized for your company. All you have to do is ask. And your timing is perfect! If you’re ready to move up (on-site or hosted in the xTuple cloud) after evaluating, upgrade PostBooks® by contacting our sales team.

We see this all the time. While nearly half of all new xTuple business comes from customer referrals, another 25% comes from PostBooks® upgrades.

Companies who start with a single PostBooks® user add more users over time — and ugrade to commercial editions — as their business grows. PostBooks® is a great open source ERP option for growing companies. You can start small, with limited exposure. As your business expands, xTuple supports you with a diverse set of advanced services and features.

Benefits of Commercial PostBooks® in the xTuple Cloud

  • Business continuity with included nightly backups
  • Online support through the xTuple ticketing system
  • Eliminate internal IT headaches
  • Make upgrades easier — let xTuple handle them for you

PostBooks® offers so many more options than the typical off-the-shelf accounting software package. For example: if you conduct sales or other transactions online — particularly business-to-business (B2B) activities — or want to deliver better customer service or seek to expand your dealer sales activity via the Web, then take a look at xTupleCommerce, the Customer Web Portal, which connects directly to and is fully integrated with the back-end ERP. Your CRM and inventory information will flow seamlessly, in real time, from the ERP to the Web, and back again, making xTupleCommerce a truly powerful solution for your business.

Please renew your PostBooks® licenses now — and let us know when you're ready to grow.