Reference guide covers 4.10 beta, plus new audit

If you're the type of person who follows SVN commit records on the PostBooks site on SourceForge, then maybe you've already noticed how busy the xTuple documentation team has been the past few months. With almost 70 new features (and counting!), xTuple ERP version 4.10 presents a ton of new functionality that needs to be documented.

And our team has been on it!

For all you beta testers and curious customers out there, not only is the 4.10 beta software available to test drive, but the 4.10 beta version of the Reference Guide is also ready for viewing. Our doc team has been working overtime to keep pace with the software developers. Feel free to browse the table of contents or use the search field to locate docs for many of the new 4.10 features, including the simple sales order and the new 1099 feature set, to name two.

If you can't find the feature you're looking for, it's likely we haven't gotten to it yet. The docs are still a work in progress, so please bear with us.

We've already been hearing feedback on the 4.10 beta, which is something we always appreciate!

A special shout out to Javier Cabezudo of Teradek in Irvine, California. Javier downloaded the beta as soon as it was available and followed up with several meaningful reports and suggested tweaks. Thanks, Javier!

There's still time left for anyone else who wants to do some beta testing. If you have time, consider taking the 4.10 beta out for a spin. To paraphrase the well-known maxim, all bugs are shallow, if they have enough eyeballs on them. Beta testing makes xTuple better for everyone.

In addition to covering the new 4.10 features, the xTuple documentation team has been conducting a top-to-bottom audit of the reference guide. This is no small feat. Over the years, the reference guide has grown to nearly 2,000 pages (when printed). Given the size of the book, it's no wonder that from time to time it gets out of sync. The ERP is a large application in itself! You can think of this reference guide audit as a kind of spring cleaning. Our team is going through making sure all the screenshots and field labels match the corresponding screens in the ERP. This is a painstaking task, but it's part of the quality we strive to maintain. If you see anything amiss, please don't hesitate to let us know — either on the forums or through a bug report.