Ready, set, spend your Training Credits

As we are planning the training schedule for 2017, I wanted to make sure everyone is aware of our exciting new training credits program. If you read the September 2016 issue of the xTupler, then you've already learned about it. For those of you haven't heard yet  — and anyone else who would like to learn more — allow me to provide an overview of the program, and offer a few examples of how it will work.

xTuple Training Credits are a lot like airline miles. You have to travel to earn them, but when you reach a certain threshold, you can "spend" your miles toward more travel.

The difference between air miles and xTuple Training Credits is that you earn them by purchasing an annual Support Contract with xTuple. For every $200 you spend annually on xTuple direct support, you earn one (1) hour of training credit. So, for example, someone who pays $3600/year for annual support will automatically receive 18 hours of training credits. These credits may be applied during your contract year toward any regularly scheduled in-person or online class xTuple offers.

So, you might be wondering, "How many Training Credits do I need to get an xTuple class for free?"

Great question. Here's a breakdown of the classes we're planning for the first quarter (Q1) of 2017. Next to each class in the list, I've shown the total run time for each, along with the corresponding number of training credits required to "buy" one seat.

Of course, these are just the planned Q1 classes. There will be more and a greater variety throughout the coming year. Please bookmark the xTuple training events schedule to stay abreast of our current and upcoming offerings.

Again, anyone having a current annual support contract with xTuple (including xTuple partners) is eligible to start using their training credits right away. To calculate your total credits, just use the following formula:

$ value of Support Contract / $200 = total Training Credits

Also, remember to round up! xTuple Training Credits are issued only using whole numbers. So, for example, someone paying $1500 per year for support would be entitled to 8 Training Credits during their contract year. Keep in mind, too, that Training Credits may be applied as partial payment toward the cost of a training class. Any hours not covered by the credits will be charged at the calculated hourly rate for the class.

If you don't currently have an annual Support Contract with xTuple, then maybe 2017 will be the year you decide to sign up for one. In addition to the outstanding ticket and phone-based support you will receive, you can also begin (right away!) getting training for yourself and/or anyone else on your team — even if you've not yet implemented xTuple.

Contact the xTuple sales team for more information on how to sign up for an annual support contract today.

Please note: Earned Training Credits may only be applied against the cost of regularly scheduled xTuple Training Classes. They may not be applied against or used to defray the cost of custom training or any other products or services offered by xTuple. Training Credits expire at the end of a customer's Support Contract year and may not be re-used or carried forward into a new contract year.