New Online Class teaches Basic xTuple Process Flows

This is to announce the immediate availability of a new online training class geared toward new hires and/or anyone who is new to xTuple and needs an overall orientation to the software. In this class, which features hands-on exercises, students will discover the real value of ERP: How all the various process flows from every department fit together to present a holistic view of a company.

Having an understanding of and appreciation for this basic concept — combined with detailed instruction focusing on all the main functional areas — will make anyone who takes this class a more productive and successful user of xTuple ERP.

The class is called ERP Basics: Learning Business Process Flows. To learn more detailed information about the class, please read the extended description available on our website. Meanwhile, here are several high-level details you'll need to know:

  • WHO: Anyone new to xTuple
  • WHAT: 18 hours
    • Three (3) consecutive days
    • Two (2) three-hour sessions per day
  • WHEN: September 13-15, 2016
    • REGISTRATION DEADLINE: September 7, or until class fills
  • WHERE: Remote, online class
  • HOW: Purchase seats online or feel free to contact us for more information

I can assure you that the total time (18 hours) you and/or your staff invest in this training session will pay for itself many times over — thanks to the increased productivity you will gain from focused training on specific process flows, and also from understanding how your role fits within the larger organization. If you are new to xTuple and have yet to receive the kind of overall orientation you need to be fully productive in an ERP, then you really should consider signing up for this class.

We're guessing you may have more than one person in your company who needs this course, and we know how valuable training can be to your success. So we've made a multiple attendee discount available. Just ask.

PLEASE NOTE: This course should not be considered a substitute for our popular ERP Boot Camp: Setup and Configuration class, which is an intensive five-day, 40-hour class designed to expose students to the complete process of setting up and configuring xTuple ERP. Think of this new class as a good companion course, with a focus on process flows, rather than intial setup and configuration.