Hot Off the Press: New Weekly Forum Digest

Anyone who is a registered member of the xTuple community should have received an email from us this week. The message contained our first-ever weekly digest of xTuple forum activity. We're hoping this simple weekly update helps you feel more connected.

In case you didn't see it, here's what the digest looks like:



xTuple Forums — Weekly Digest Email


You can, of course, opt out of these weekly emails if you prefer not to receive them. There's an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the digest. All you do is click on that, and you'll stop receiving these notifications.

Naturally, we hope you'll continue to opt in — or better, become actively egnaged. Getting started is easy. Maybe you've got an ERP question you need some help with. Or maybe you know an answer which will help somebody out. Make a point of scrolling through the digest each week when it arrives. If you see something that interests you, follow the link. It doesn't take long to join the conversation.

When you're logged into the forum site, check out your personal preferences page. Under your preferences, you can tweak your notification levels for the forum topics that most interest you. The following preferences govern notifications:

Categories (Hint: Start typing a topic name to enter it.)

  • Watched: For watched topics, you will get an email notification whenever posts are added or updated.  This is the highest level notification frequency.
  • Tracked: No emails will be sent for tracked topics. However, you will be alerted about updates when you visit the forum site.
  • Watching First Post: You will only receive email when the first entry of a new topic is posted.
  • Muted: For muted topics, you will not receive emails or be alerted while on the site.

xTuple Forums — User Preferences


There's also a setting on the preferences screen to re-enable the weekly digests, if you unsubscribe but later decide to turn that back on:

xTuple Forums — Digest Mode


Feel free to review and also tweak any of the other preferences you find, including adding a profile avatar, if you wish. In a future post we'll talk more about the badges you can earn the more you get involved with the site. Again, we want you to participate. The more you do, the more the community thrives.