xTuplecon14 and haxTuple part of Positive results from Outreach Program for Women

Juliana Louback who applied to Debian during the second round of the GNOME Outreach Program for Women (OPW) in 2013, was selected for one of Debian's Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2014 slots working on the Debian WebRTC portal. The portal is built using JSCommunicator, a generic HTML5 softphone designed to be integrated in other web sites, portal frameworks and CMS systems.

Juliana has been particularly enthusiastic with her work and after completing the core requirements of her project, I suggested she explore just what is involved in embedding JSCommunicator into another open source application. By co-incidence, the xTuple development team had decided to dedicate the month of August to open source engagement, running a program called haxTuple. Juliana had originally applied to OPW with an interest in financial software and so this appeared to be a great opportunity for her to broaden her experience and engagement with the open source community.

Despite having no prior experience with ERP/CRM software, Juliana set about developing a plugin/extension for the new xTuple web frontend. She has published the extension in Github and written a detailed blog about her experience with the xTuple extension API.

Participation in DebConf14

Juliana attended DebConf14 in Portland and gave a presentation of her work on the Debian RTC portal. Many more people were able to try the portal for the first time thanks to her participation in DebConf. The video of the GSoC students at DebConf14 is available here.

Continuing with open source beyond GSoC

Although GSoC finished in August, xTuple invited Juliana and I to attend their annual xTupleCon in Norfolk, Virginia. Google went the extra mile and helped Juliana to get there and she gave a live demonstration of the xTuple extension she had created. This effort has simultaneously raised the profile of Debian, open source and open standards (SIP and WebRTC) in front of a wider audience of professional developers and business users.

Excerpt reposted from Daniel Pocock's blog at DanielPocock.com

Daniel Pocock

Project Founder for JSCommunicator and Developer in Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora

Daniel Pocock is a Switzerland-based developer in Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora operating systems, as well as the project founder for JSCommunicator, a full-featured phone, webcam and messaging application. Daniel uses the traditional PostBooks® system via its powerful Qt GUI (graphical user interface) to power his own finances.