Valentines come in all shapes and sizes, including Customer Reviews

Around the world, Valentine's Day (also known as Saint Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine) is an annual celebration of love and affection — February 14 for those of us here in the United States. While it's an occasion most often associated with flowers, candies, greeting cards and candlelight dinners, we're celebrating this year with Customer Reviews.

Every day marketers are tasked with "tooting the horn" of their companies. And, touting the features and benefits of their products are delegated to the company's sales teams. As our good fortune would have it — open source ERP xTuple enjoys the value of a community of users who report bugs, submit feature requests, engage on forums with and for help, propose new code and extensions they've built to enhance the software...

... and review our products and services on highly acclaimed software review sites. We thank them for their invaluable feedback, such as...

From April McKnight at Cordeck

We have been utilizing xTuple ERP for 7 years and are extremely satisfied with the product, it's features, value and support. xTuple ERP is an extremely flexible and scaleable software that can be easily customized to fit your companies needs. We have added many features and customization over the years at a very reasonable price. xTuple is also easy to use, from report writing to every day use. The staff at xTuple are very knowledgable, approachable, quick to respond and generally just nice people to work with.

From Javier Cabezudo at Teradek LLC

xTuple has most of the nice features of an expensive ERP at a very affordable price. All our departments work in tune and have full vision of what is going on on the day to day activities. Being able to use the client with different OS's (Linux/Windows/Mac) was very important for us, and now with the web enabled server it is even better.

From Rick Howard at Stealth Mark

Their support staff have been top notch, exhibiting high skill capabilities, and timely responses. They've even come to our aid with issues that were clearly user caused, not system bugs. In short, I'd highly recommend xTuple for any business as a high quality system with a team that seems dedicated to ongoing improvement. Great software and compares very well to much more expensive systems.

From Mike Brockey at Kelly & Hayes Electrical Supply

Our small business has been using xTuple for 3.5 years now. We are an electrical distributor with 50K + items and annual sales in excess of $16M. xTuple enabled us to have a customized ERP solution with minimal investment. We are thankful for their support and constant product improvement.

Do you read online reviews? In today’s marketplace, big legacy ERPs can overshadow smaller companies like us. At Capterra business software review, we're listed in the categories of eCommerce, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), MRP (Material Requirements Planning) and Business Management softwares.

Online reviews are extremely important, more so than ever. They help us get the word out about our products and services. And, they help others find out — from their peers — whether xTuple is the best fit for their company's business software needs.

Will you take a moment of your time to fill-out a review on everyone's favorite software research site, Capterra. It’s a fast, simple way for you to help make a difference with xTuple. Thanks so much!

Missy Schmidt

Vice President Marketing

Since early 2012, Missy has directed marketing for xTuple business management software, including the global user conference, inbound and outbound content marketing, lead generation, sales campaigns, website design and digital strategies. She has ties to the business and economic development, startup and entrepreneurial communities in Virginia and nationally. Prior to joining xTuple, Missy was VP of strategic communication and marketing for Hampton Roads Partnership, a public-private corporation that worked to improve the region's economy within the international marketplace. Before that, Missy spent 25+ in sales, including product development, within the industries of telecommunications, retail, industrial food service, government contracting, contract packaging and manufacturing. Missy holds a B.S. from James Madison University. She and her husband, Bert, who is president and CEO of WHRO Public Media, reside in the "innovation corridor" of downtown Norfolk.