Internships are opportunities to learn and contribute real work

Summer in the U.S. always brings xTuple new opportunities to offer positions to students looking for academic credit or just good, old-fashioned work experience. Prime candidates for xTuple internships are often too busy during the school year to take on an internship.

Summer internships are a perfect way for students to apply what they've learned in their coursework to a real-world workplace. During the summer, with classes out of the way, they have the time to commit fully to an internship and really appreciate all that the modern business workplace has to offer.

Students apply early and often. No matter what the interests, they are actively engaged in xTuple's company mission and contribute to the greater cause of our organization. Not to mention the rich learning experience.

xTuple headquarters' unique location places interns in the heart of the "innovation corridor" of downtown Norfolk, Va., and the work atmosphere is appealing. It's not just millennials who value work flexibility. With a globally-distributed workforce, xTuple measures success not by the hours spent at work (and they're frequently "non-traditional" times) but by the output of the effort.

The Summer 2016 intern team at open source xTuple ERP includes:

Dani Marquart (pictured above) — rising senior at the University of Delaware in Operations Management. Dani tell us she is “learning business operations in reverse” by reviewing the functionality of our enterprise resource planning application to see how our software applies to business operations. She is working with the engineering team and also shadowing professional services to see how real companies use xTuple to run their business.

Andrew Smith — rising sophomore at the University of Virginia in Computer Science. Andrew says he is “simplifying translation and administration of internationalized desktop applications.” The xTupler desktop application is available in dozens of languages, and multiple users can access the system concurrently in their individual language of choice.

Pictured left to right: Dani Marquart, director of software development Gil Moskowitz, Andrew Smith

Jerrod Wiseman (not pictured) — working on his second degree in Computer Science at Old Dominion University. Jerrod is “tracing state transitions in Qt signal/slot-based applications." For the non-technical, that means he is developing tools to trace connections to analyze run-time behavior, with the goal of improving application performance. Jerrod’s project is for a school paper.

Andrew Tonra
Keenan McCarthy
Andrew Tonra (pictured left) — rising junior with a Business major at the University of Vermont. He is working as a sales intern and will continue his work virtually through the coming academic school year.

Keenan McCarthy (pictured right) — rising junior in Computer Science at University of Virginia. Keenan is also working as a sales intern, learning how to use customer relationship management (CRM) software for telemarketing and database management.


xTuple is always looking for interns in software development, sales and marketing, and information technology. Exposure to small businesses struggling with business software or coursework in relevant technologies or operations management is helpful. Interns are available throughout the year.

Missy Schmidt

Vice President Marketing

Since early 2012, Missy has directed marketing for xTuple business management software, including the global user conference, inbound and outbound content marketing, lead generation, sales campaigns, website design and digital strategies. She has ties to the business and economic development, startup and entrepreneurial communities in Virginia and nationally. Prior to joining xTuple, Missy was VP of strategic communication and marketing for Hampton Roads Partnership, a public-private corporation that worked to improve the region's economy within the international marketplace. Before that, Missy spent 25+ in sales, including product development, within the industries of telecommunications, retail, industrial food service, government contracting, contract packaging and manufacturing. Missy holds a B.S. from James Madison University. She and her husband, Bert, who is president and CEO of WHRO Public Media, reside in the "innovation corridor" of downtown Norfolk.