FAST-TRACK your success with Project Management and Implementation Management

If you are new to ERP — whether you're exploring options for new business management software or working as a project lead, or you're a fairly new xTuple user — I can't recommend enough the upcoming Project Management and Implementation Methodology (PMIM) class. This is the easiest, most convenient way to learn the essential strategies and methods for successfully managing the implementation process. And, the best part? It's led by Mike Atherton, xTuple's director of Product Evangelism. Arguably no one knows ERP projects better than Mike.

The upcoming class is a convenient two-day, four-part online course that you can take from the comfort of your home or office or local coffee shop. (PMIM is available only once or twice per year, or upon a company's exclusive training request.)

Register for PMIM by Tuesday, January 26 for PMIM 2016

Or, get on the FAST-TRACK — we've added this bundled training option which will start your xTuple user experience on the right path, quickly and extremely affordably.

FAST-TRACK includes our Implementation Guide, Reference Guide, QuickStart Wizard, and the upcoming Project Management & Implementation Methodology (PMIM) online class.

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  • Bundled Special price $895.00 — Savings of 25+%
  • Value — priceless

What you'll receive

xTuple ERP Implementation Guide

From project initiation, through planning and execution ("piloting" and "go-live"), monitoring and control, this guide will lead any Project Manager to a successful implementation. Final step is to celebrate completing an endeavor that will change the way you do business and provide the tools to continue to refine and grow your operation. Download the xTuple ERP Implementation Guide in PDF form suitable for printing. Learn more

  • Regular price $495.00
xTuple ERP Reference Guide

Designed as screen-by-screen reference for anyone using xTuple ERP applications. Download the xTuple ERP Reference Guide in PDF form suitable for printing. Learn more

  • Regular price $195.00
QuickStart Wizard

New to xTuple? Enter your business data fast with this easy step-by-step guide. Get started with xTuple quickly with this add-in package that complements the xTuple Desktop with an easy-to-follow guide for setting up a company from scratch. Learn more (and watch the video)

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Project Management and Implementation Methodologies Online Class

This 2-day online, live-instructor class will help you become an xTuple Power User with specialized knowledge and applications. Participants walk away with the foundation they need to successfully manage the implementation of xTuple ERP. Learn more

  • Regular price $495.00

So don't delay. You've got to learn to earn...big points with the boss, great experience for your resume, and successful business management skills you can use for a lifetime.

Missy Schmidt

Vice President Marketing

Since early 2012, Missy has directed marketing for xTuple business management software, including the global user conference, inbound and outbound content marketing, lead generation, sales campaigns, website design and digital strategies. She has ties to the business and economic development, startup and entrepreneurial communities in Virginia and nationally. Prior to joining xTuple, Missy was VP of strategic communication and marketing for Hampton Roads Partnership, a public-private corporation that worked to improve the region's economy within the international marketplace. Before that, Missy spent 25+ in sales, including product development, within the industries of telecommunications, retail, industrial food service, government contracting, contract packaging and manufacturing. Missy holds a B.S. from James Madison University. She and her husband, Bert, who is president and CEO of WHRO Public Media, reside in the "innovation corridor" of downtown Norfolk.