What's in a name (or tagline)?

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet — at least that's the theory — still popular these many centuries later, first written in one of William Shakespeare's most famous plays "Romeo and Juliet."

The actual couplet is:
"What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."

Was the infamous playwright right? Or wrong?

Modern marketing knows the truth. What we call a thing is important. It has weight. It matters. Whether you want to convey a negative or positive, strength or weakness, or a set of attributes that promises specific features and benefits and/or services.

As xTuple continues to grow, it becomes more difficult to describe who we are and what we do in one short catchphrase. While our former tagline is still true, xTuple is more than just the "World’s #1 Open Source ERP." For years xTuple's powerful enterprise resource planning application has been fully integrated with customer relationship management software. With recent (and pending) application updates, and the development of the new xTuple Web Portal, i.e., xTupleCommerce, we felt the time was right to give these important elements the credit they deserve.

The name "xTuple" has a strength all its own — its meant to denote exponential growth, and to reinforce xTuple's mission  to help companies of all sizes successfully implement powerful, and easy-to-use, open source ERP software to grow their business profitably. 

With all that the name "xTuple" entails, I want to introduce the new xTuple tagline and updated logo: xTuple® Open Source ERP+CRM+WEB PORTAL.



We have updated our logo throughout our websites, and we are working to update all print materials as well as documentation and other various places our logo is shown, but we can’t do this alone. The new xTuple tagline with logo (as well as all xTuple imagery and formatting you may need) can be found in the xTuple Style Guide. If you're a partner / value-added reseller, be sure to update your own websites. If you happen to see a third-party review or code-sharing site with outdated information and imaging, please alert us at xTuple Marketing.

Please help us put out the word that xTuple isn’t just another ERP.


Jen Hobbs

Marketing Communication Specialist

Jen has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graphic Design/Art History, from Old Dominion University. She's made significant contributions to the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of xTuple applications, websites, etc. In addition to beautiful logos and icons, Jen also creates infographics and helps manage marketing campaigns and events.