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You're trying to grow your business and gain a true competitive advantage — whether you're a traditional "brick-and-mortar"-only retailer who needs order entry; a manufacturer who needs a public-facing online business system for billing and product information; or a wholesale distributor or supplier who uses inside and/or outside sales reps.

To achieve that growth, you know you need to automate your sales and marketing activities. You need to deliver real-time sales and customer self-service access. You need to conduct real-time business transactions and build relationships via the Web.

This xTuple University video series presents an overview of the features and benefits of xTupleCommerce and its live integration with xTuple ERP. 

Acting as a Guest customer on a demo xTupleCommerce site, I walk the viewer through the experience of buying products, creating an account, adding ship-to addresses, viewing and printing invoices, building a custom favorite items list and creating multiple saved carts. I also discuss how your customers could use the xTupleCommerce platform to increase engagement with your business and improve their workflow. 

Acting as a Site Manager, I walk the viewer through managing marketing content, adding pages to the xTupleCommerce site, updating product information in the ERP, creating item groups, and reviewing Guest Customer information in xTuple CRM. 

This video series is a great introduction to the xTupleCommerce platform. Most of the videos are approximately 10 minutes in length, and the entire series runs less than one (1) hour. 

Once you’ve seen the videos — and are ready to test the xTupleCommerce system yourself  navigate to our Free Trial signup form and request access to our demo site. Additionally, you can request a personalized demo where I, or a member of the Web Services Group team, can give you a one-on-one demonstration of the system and discuss ways xTupleCommerce could benefit your business. 

1. xTupleCommerce — System Introduction

In this brief introduction to the xTupleCommerce system, I walk the viewer through the purchasing process from the perspective of a Guest customer. I show the process of viewing items, adding items to a cart, creating an account during checkout, and completing the purchase. Additionally, I show how the information flows into the xTuple ERP as a Sales Order.

Part 1

2. xTupleCommerce — CRM Integration

After a Guest customer completes a purchase on an xTupleCommerce website, their information is pushed into the xTuple ERP as a Contact, Account and Customer. In this video, I show how a Guest customers information appears in the ERP.

Part 2

3. xTupleCommerce — Customer Self-Service

With xTupleCommerce, customers can manage their information including their profile, favorite products, saved carts, ship-to addresses, and they can view and print invoices. In this video, I show the viewer the full customer experience in managing their account, and I share insight about how the information flows into the ERP.

Part 3

4. xTupleCommerce — Managing Ship-To Addresses

With xTupleCommerce, customers are able to manage their multiple ship-to addresses from within their profile. In this video I show the process from the perspective of a customer that is adding new ship-to addresses to their account and then using the ship-to address during checkout. Additionally, I show how the information flows into the ERP and how all edits and additions appear in real-time.

Part 4

5. xTupleCommerce — Site Administration

xTupleCommerce is built on top of a popular Content Management System (CMS) called Drupal. In this video, I show the viewer how Managers can easily manage marketing content, site and user’s information from the back-end of their xTupleCommerce website. 

Part 5

6. xTupleCommerce — Product Management

xTupleCommerce’s real-time integration with xTuple ERP allows Managers to manage product information and the product catalog, from within the ERP. All alterations appear on the xTupleCommerce site in real-time. In this video, I give a brief overview of how a Manager can create a Product Catalog for their website and how they alter product information on the xTupleCommerce website. I also discuss the differences between standard product description fields and the new marketing fields in the item master.

Part 6

Josh Fischer

Product Manager — xTupleCommerce, December 2013 - October 2018

xTuple’s Josh Fischer is passionate about launching successful Web projects — from online retailers and distributors to manufacturers big and small — to improve customer conversions (and bottom line profits!). As product manager of xTupleCommerce, Josh is developing revolutionary B2B eCommerce Web portals — integrated with open source xTuple Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) — to solve productivity and customer relationship issues for every business type and size. Josh writes and teaches about innovative strategy and technologies to build Web-based brands, launching startups, productivity and leadership, online presence and growth-hacking. Josh is a graduate of the University of Maryland Baltimore County with a B.S. in Visual Arts & New Media.