xTuple Partners, Front and Center

Have you noticed a new addition to the top navigation of our xTuple.com homepage? This is an area we reserve (as do most companies) for the most important, most sought after information on our website. With the New Year, we've decided that alongside the very things that define us — our products and solutions — belongs a direct link to information about xTuple Partners.

xTuple Partners fall into a few broad categories including: Value Added Resellers or VARs, Business Development, Technology and eCommerce,

Each Partner type plays an important role in the xTuple ecosystem, and it's our Reseller or VAR Partners who are especially valued as sales, marketing and development extensions of our organization.

xTuple is firmly committed to growth through a global network of trained and authorized VAR Partners to deliver and support our product, because we believe that is what's best for our customers.

In markets on nearly every continent, xTuple users benefit from the ability to work face-to-face with a local resource. xTuple VAR Partners engage with our joint customers in ways that cannot be done remotely. They get to know the business, understand the requirements and make recommendations for implementing and using xTuple. For most xTuple Partners, ours is a refreshing approach to the Partner-Vendor-Customer relationship, a relationship which has drifted far away from anything remotely Customer- or Partner-centric.

At a time when software providers including Sage and Microsoft are making it difficult (if not impossible) for their partners to provide customers with the level of service and support they need, xTuple Partners are empowered to deliver an affordable, customizable, extendable solution that truly meets the needs of their customers.

Imagine that!!?? Business software that Partners are encouraged to customize to adapt to their customers' business rather than the other way around — AND — it won't break the bank!

You may have also noticed our tagline for 2013: “xTuple World’s #1 Open Source ERP.” xTuple Partners are a vital part of creating that reality — through community engagement and customer satisfaction.