6 Ways to Make Your ERP Work Better

Whenever my husband buys a new toy ('er, I mean power tool), the very first thing he does is read the manual.

If I ever agree to invest in the CNC machine he really wants, I know he would attend a training class to ensure he was fully aware of how to properly setup and use his new toy (oops… there I go again!).

The same is true for ERP training. xTuple is an extremely powerful tool that enables you to streamline your business. But if you don’t know how to properly use this tool, you may only benefit from 20 or 30% of its capabilities.

The reason I love the ERP Boot Camp: Setup and Configuration — I still lovingly call it "101" — is that users spend a week in our offices creating a new database from scratch and learning best practices. Our corporate trainer, who's personally implemented and schooled hundreds (if not thousands) on xTuple, explains both the HOW and WHY of implementation to best meet individual needs and leverage the full functionality of xTuple ERP.

Attendees also have the ability to interact with other users and xTuplers! It’s the ultimate learning environment and a great opportunity to meet our team and build relationships within the xTuple community! Many users form lasting relationships with each other and stay in touch long after training.

We have another Boot Camp coming up soon. So don't suffer through using your ERP. Get the training you need and avoid hearing the boss (or your wife) telling you, "Everything you know is wrong."

Top 6 ways to make your ERP work better

  1. Class ERP Boot Camp: Setup and Configuration
  2. Class ERP Advanced: Power User Training
  3. Online ERP Basics: Learning Business Process Flows
  4. Online Non-Accountants: Easy to Understand Accounting
  5. Online Custom Reporting: SQL Report Writer for Open Source ERP
  6. Online Project Go-Live: How to Manage your ERP Implementation

And if you currently have a Support Contract, you've got Training Credits to apply to the cost of these classes, whether they're online or live and in person. If you don't already have one, get a new Support Contract today, and you'll automactically receive an hour's worth of class for every $200 spent, at no additional charge.

In case you were wondering, this is one of many projects my husband has going on at the moment — new suspension parts for the baby, his 1965 Ford Mustang . ❤️


Carolyn Clark

Account Manager

Carolyn is an integral part of the Customer Service Team. She acts as a liaison between customers and xTuple's sales, development and operations departments, making sure that the lines of communication always remain open. Customer Service is a key component of xTuple's customer value proposition, and implemented feedback loops allow us to capture feedback to improve customer service and ensure that quality and service exceed customer expectations. Carolyn strives to build trust and strong long-term relationships with xTuple customers. Based at xTuple headquarters, Carolyn lives on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay of Virginia, the largest estuary in the contiguous United States.