xTuple Server Now 100% Open Source

The xTuple Server is a powerful toolkit for installation and administration of Web-enabled xTuple ERP instances. This week, the xTuple Server evolved into a fully public open source project. All the information you need to run xTuple Server is now located in a public GitHub repository at https://github.com/xtuple/xtuple-server/wiki.

We used to have a private repo called xtuple-server-commercial, but that code has been rolled into the public xtuple-server repo. We wanted to make sure that all customers, partners, and open source users have access to the same set of useful tools for managing web-enabled xTuple. And remember, web-enabled xTuple is fully compatible with the xTuple desktop client.

In fact, the xTuple Server is now part of what makes the desktop client great! Desktop-client-based customers can now do everything they had been able to do, but now they can have a world-class B2B or B2C online storefront with orders streaming in, and they can implement a paperless warehouse with our mobile inventory solution, and have improved, web-based accessibility for their salespeople on the road.

The xTuple Server toolkit is still a relatively new product, undergoing rapid evolution. Here are a few facts about it:

  • The install process is quite different if you're on an xTuple Server or a traditional server. Those differences are best described here: https://github.com/xtuple/xtuple/wiki/Implementer's-Guide-to-the-xTuple-Server
  • The xTuple Server includes both command line (CLI) and graphical interfaces for managing xTuple instances on a server
  • The xTuple Server provides a prescribed path for installing secure web access using SSL certificates
  • The xTuple Server installs all the components needed to allow web-based access to the xTuple database. Remember, you are also able to connect to the same database with the xTuple Desktop client. The two clients are interoperable
  • The xTuple Server installs components that are needed for xTupleCommerce, our Web storefront that interfaces directly with xTuple ERP. Learn more at xTupleCommerce
  • The xTuple Server installs a REST API that can be used to connect custom and 3rd party applications to xTuple. Learn more at https://github.com/xtuple/xtuple/wiki/xTuple's-REST-API

BC Wilson

Director Cloud Services at xTuple, October 2008 – January 2018

With the explosive movement of cloud strategies, BC was promoted to director of cloud services in 2014. Previously, he oversaw operations and hiring of managers for critical lines of business for the Product Management Group, driving return on investment (ROI) for all xTuple products and managed ongoing engineering and development of the xTuple Classic GUI product, including all customer-sponsored enhancements, as well as the xTuple Web Portal product. Prior to xTuple, BC was a senior product manager for Trader Electronic Media, where he directed the development of websites for the classified advertising market. He has also worked as a partner in a web design agency, and a content producer for the Road Runner and Starband broadband service providers. BC began his career as a writer and editor for the Ziff Davis computer magazines.

He holds a B.A. in Theology from Georgetown University, and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Old Dominion University. In 2012, BC was appointed as a commissioner of Bicycle and Pedestrian Trails in Norfolk, Virginia.