Fixed Asset Maintenance Updated

The Fixed Asset Maintenance extension package has been updated to resolve some outstanding issues and make several improvements based on customer feedback. The new version is available on the xChange or if you have purchased this package earlier, it will be available for download in the Commercial Software section of

Several issues have come up with recent releases of the core xTuple software that caused minor parts of the Maintenance package to stop working. These issues and some other bugs found have been resolved in the latest release and it is recommended that all existing customers upgrade their Maintenance package to the newest version. Upgrading the Maintenance package also requires an upgrade to the base Fixed Asset package available for free on the xChange.

Together with the bug fixes and other minor improvements, a major improvement has been in the maintenance scheduler. The scheduler was originally designed to prevent multiple orders being open for the same asset so the scheduler worked off completed maintenance orders. If an order was not completed in a timely manner then the next scheduled order would not create. Customer feedback indicated this was causing confusion so the scheduler has been updated to run according to a regular pattern regardless of the previous order being open. This could result in several orders being open at the same time if they are generated but not completed or if you run the maintenance schedule out into the future.

Upgrading the Maintenance package can be done over any previous version of the package. Just download the latest version and install that over your existing system.

Dave Anderson

Senior Engineer

Open Source technologist with a focus on the application of open source in business. In particular I have experience implementing xTuple ERP, SAP, Pentaho Business Intelligence and Data Integration, and web-based applications using the LAMP and Java platforms. Specific experience in the installation, implementation and configuration of the xTuple ERP system. I am the primary developer behind the Fixed Asset extension package for the xTuple ERP system which now includes modules for Depreciation and Maintenance. Specialties: xTuple ERP Implementation, Configuration, and Development. Based in New Zealand.