xTuple Web Portal — you can do business online

Ever dreamed of your customers or sales reps being able to place and track xTuple orders from anywhere on the web? Ever wished you could let customers or employees log and track xTuple tickets or incidents from anywhere on the web? You can make your dreams a reality and you can do the basics yourself.

xTuple's Web Portal software enables you to give users that don't have access to your xTuple software the ability to view, create and manage data directly in xTuple. You don't need to call in a team of experts to accomplish this. As ingredients, you will need a computer, internet access, the purchased xTuple Web Portal software with the guide, and a sense of adventure.

Purchase the Web Portal on the xChange. You can choose to use only the B2B Sales Module, only the Support Module, or both.

The xTuple Web Portal Product Guide will show you the basics of what components you need, where to download them from and ultimately, how to install, configure and administer your Web Portal. With xTuple being a multi-platform software system, there are guidelines for Windows, Mac and Linux. In fact, consider purchasing the xTuple Web Portal Product Guide (PDF) version so that you can make notes as you go and become the master of your Web Portal. Check out other great products and guides while you are at it.

There are endless customization opportunities with online resources in abundance. Advanced users will have just as much fun creating a custom branded production Web Portal that you can show off to the world.

As always, xTuple's Professional Services team is standing by to provide you with additional expertise to get your final Web Portal up and running.

Grow Your World® — You can do it!