xTupler #33 — xTuple 4.3 Release, 2014 Plans, the Three-Legged Stool... and more!

xTupler #34  |  April 2014

Dear Community —

One of the fun things about working at a software company is that you never have to worry about being the geekiest person in the room.

Unless, of course, you dress up as Captain America, and build a media release about a product upgrade around a superhero movie (not once, but twice!)

There is a serious point in all this, of course - the issue of freedom to use and manage your software in the way that serves your company best. We hear from more and more people - disillusioned with certain "cloud" providers - that it can be difficult to access your data in the way you need to, and particularly if (heaven forbid) you want to leave, or host your system elsewhere.

Here at xTuple, we are all about giving you flexibility in your:

  • Desktop platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, browser)
  • Mobile platform (iOS, Android, Windows) whether tablet or phone
  • Deployment environment and portability (onsite, hosted, public cloud, private cloud), and of course
  • License (open source, perpetual, annual or monthly subscription)

So, help strike a blow for freedom, and spread the word about the world's #1 open source ERP! (Here is an easy how-to-use-xTuple decision-tree infographic to share with others)

In other xTuple news, you may have seen our recent "save the date" about the upcoming #xTupleCon14 this October. Team xTuple is working hard to put together a program that's bigger and better than last year's sold-out event - and we've taken your feedback to heart, such as:

  • BIGGER VENUE (with really good air conditioning) and great food
  • MORE TRAINING with pre-conference workshops on specialized topics that you can help us choose
  • EXCLUSIVE DEALS with top secret, community-only, super-early-bird pricing, now through the end of April

See more at the xTupleCon14 FAQ.

One more event I need to bring to your attention is coming up a little sooner. Our most popular in-person training class - Setup Configuration and Operations - is the week of May 19-23. While we know everyone loves to come to xTuple HQ in beautiful Norfolk, Virginia, we thought we'd mix it up, and host the class in almost-as-beautiful Las Vegas! Just a few seats remain, so don't miss it.

Finally, a behind-the-scenes update for those currently evaluating the xTuple software. As we continue to roll out more of the exciting new Mobile Web client (version 4.4 now has CRM, Sales, Project, and nearly all features of Inventory, Manufacturing and Billing), we want to make it as easy as possible for you to try it:

  • For casual users, your best option is the Free Trial, where you can test both the Mobile Web and the classic Desktop client in our cloud service, with the full commercial Enterprise Edition of xTuple.
  • For those who wish to install all the server-side infrastructure required for both clients on a local machine, your best choice is the virtual machine setup process detailed at our GitHub site.

Of course, you can still try to do everything yourself, from scratch - it's open source, after all - but we're trying to simplify the process for everyone. Any questions, or want to give us feedback, please join the conversation in xTuple Forums.

Thanks, as always, for your support of the world's #1 open source ERP.

Ned Lilly
President and CEO


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Where's Wally? Manufacturing ERP Experience

xTuple's team of road warriors, led by Vice President of Sales Wally Tonra, journey to the Chicago area this month. Their mission? To educate and enlighten an international group of business men and women about our long-term strategy with the next generation in Manufacturing Software. Attendees also pre-qualify for a Free Trial of xTuple's premium features and see a private demo, tailored to their business problems.

The Manufacturing ERP Experience is held April 8-9 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, 5555 North River Rd., Rosemont, Illinois. The agenda includes keynote presentations from respected, knowledgeable experts on ERP software implementation strategies, vendor selection, training and other critical topics at the best event for manufacturers exploring enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.

The conference is sponsored by Metalforming Magazine.

Learn more about xTuple for your Supply Chain Management needs.

xTupleCon14 - Community-Only Pricing until April 30

You asked for bigger and better. And we listened!

Join us for xTupleCon14, xTuple's global user conference, this October 13-18 (Monday - Saturday) at the beautiful and spacious Waterside Marriott Hotel & Conference Center on Main Street in Norfolk, Virginia (USA), just a few blocks away from xTuple Headquarters.

For more in-depth educational opportunities, we adapted the schedule into a full week, with pre-conference training added. Registration is now open with special pricing just for you, our xTuple Community. Save 35% off with the Ultimate Combo Pass by registering before April 30, 2014.

Don't miss out on your opportunity to save your seat, save money and maximize your xTuple investment.

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQs include information on:

  • When is it?
  • What is it?
  • Where do I stay? How do I register to attend?
  • What is included in my ticket price?
  • Do I get a Discount? Can I get a Discount if I have more than one person attending?
  • What is the agenda?
  • Should I attend conference sessions or workshops, or both?
  • How do I request a session or workshop topic?
  • How do I submit a session topic that I want to present?
  • How do I sign up to be a Sponsor / Exhibitor?
  • Are the Workshops new?
  • What's "Bigger and Better" about this year?
  • How do I get to Norfolk, Virginia?
  • I want to bring a guest/spouse. Do you have any discounts or activities for them?

Learn more about xTupleCon14

xTuple Customer Corner: Richart Distributors

Richart Distributors uses xTuple MRP for Lean Inventory Management

During a recent webinar on "How to Choose the Right MRP System for Lean Inventory Management," Mike Atherton, xTuple Product Evangelist, invited Jeremy Duffle, Operations Manager for Richart Distributors to describe how - and why - his company uses Manufacturing Requirements Planning (MRP).

Richart Distributors, which manufactures Flomore pumps used in oil fields around the world to improve the flow of product at the well head and in pipelines, has run their entire business on xTuple ERP since 2006.

xTuple's MRP functionality is an integral part of Richart's supply chain management. It's used many times daily, and runs overnight, so that the report generated prepares management for work that day and throughout the week that follows. Richart has maximized the value of using MRP, enabling the company to maintain a high level, tightly controlled inventory so that 98-99% of orders can be processed on the same day. Reorder points, reorder levels, lead times - all the critical inventory parameters - ensure stock is sufficient to meet daily demand.

xTuple MRP's report-generating feature gives immediate, accurate feedback, sorted in any classification desired, to assess history and make business decisions on critical elements of the manufacturing process. In short, Richart's use of MRP ensures their customers' satisfaction and, thus, their business success; they have just what they need, when they need it.

More xTuple Customer Success Stories

Survey Says

8th Annual Future of Open Source Survey Results

From education to government to health care, Open Source Software (OSS) is now deeply woven into the social fabric, and enterprise's participation has increased in the OSS community, according to this year's survey. Findings show OSS is powering new technologies, reaching new people, and creating new economics.

Why use open source software? Survey says:
>> 80% - higher quality over proprietary alternatives
>> 72% - stronger security than proprietary solutions
>> 68% - improve efficiency and lower costs

"Open source is enjoying a proliferation that starts with a growing number of new developers at the grass roots. Many then go on to join enterprises who themselves are engaging in open source projects. Further news in the survey shows enterprises now organizing to contribute back more actively; as they realize the importance of open source innovation to jumpstart careers and kickstart projects."

xTupleR Staffer Features

Josh Fischer
Manager, Web Services Group

Joined: December 2013
Mission: To build incredibly intuitive, easy-to-use and important products (xTupleCommerce) for customers to grow their business and to contribute to xTuple's own Web strategy
CV: President, Artsmith Media, Drupal Developer, National Osteoporosis Foundation, Digital Marketing Specialist, Kimley-Horn and Associates; B.S. - Fine Arts - University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)
Personal: Live in VA Beach, married to a wonderfully talented woman, have 2 dogs (a golden retriever and a black & tan Coonhound), and have a baby on the way
Avocation: Snowboarding, mountain biking, fine art, travel, photography
Why technology as a career? I've been building websites since 1996. A teacher introduced me to Dreamweaver in high school. I'm fascinated with the Web as the biggest advancement in communication technology since the Gutenberg Press.

Social: LinkedIn

xTuple Partner Feature: Aeona

xTuple has focus on customer value, says Aeona's Bill Evanikoff

Bill Evanikoff, whose company (Aeona) is located in Pleasanton, California, just outside San Francisco, recently shared his thoughts on xTuple's unique value proposition with Director of Partner Channel Development Danielle Kerner.

"As we've come to know the company, xTuple, better, I've been very impressed by the responsiveness of xTuple to its customers and to its partners, as well, and that's important because we are both trying to achieve the same thing and that is delivering great value to our customers. If we work as a team, then we get that synergistic relationship," said Evanikoff.

Selling ERP software and just business software, in general, can be a difficult proposition, with so many competing interests. Evanikoff tells us how happy he was to find xTuple, a non-public company "focused on bringing value to customers instead of value to shareholders."

"You are helping me do my job - and I hope I'm helping you do your job as well - and that is delivering value to our customer, that's number one," said Evanikoff.

Learn more about xTuple's Partner Program

In-Class Training 2014

Setup, Configuration & Operation
May 19-23, 2014, Las Vegas, Neveda (40 CPEs)

Special Event! Held at xTuple Training Center in Las Vegas, Nevada - stay at the Red Rock Resort & Casino, our recommended affordable and nearby (off-strip) hotel and entertainment complex.

Distance Learning 2014

Project Management and Implementation Methodologies
June 4-5, 2014 (12 CPEs)

Learn from the convenience and comfort of your computer. This live advanced practices class provides essential strategies and methods for successfully managing the xTuple implementation process.


Accounting for Non-Accountants

July 17, 2014 (6 CPEs)

This live online class is equally applicable to those who are new to xTuple or current users who want to bolster their knowledge of both basic accounting principles and fundamental configuration and operation of core functionality.

New Educational Tracks - Online Training (complimentary) 2014

Webinar: Cloud Computing Helps Today's Business Use More Innovation for Less Cost

Track: Tech Solutions
May 7 (Wednesday)



Webinar: How Business Intelligence Improves Your Profitability & Operational Excellence with Analytics
Track: Business Management Solutions
May 21 (Wednesday)


Webinar: How to Manage Projects for Critical Success

Track: Operations & Planning
June 18 (Wednesday)



Learn more about training: xTuple Knowledge Series 2014

Past events are video-recorded and archived for your convenience, view them at your leisure:

Webinar: Solutions You Need to Sell Online - eCommerce Solutions
Track: eCommerce Solutions
See VIDEO from April 2

Webinar: How to Automate Your Business Software Connections
Track: Business Management Solutions
See VIDEO from March 5


 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits are available for every training 

event offered by xTuple, unless otherwise noted, authorized by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA).

Learn more about the xTuple Knowledge Series and view past events on xTuple's YouTube Channel.

Try xTuple ERP Enterprise Edition - the commercially-licensed offering with both Mobile Web and Desktop applications - all unlimited features hosted for 30 days. Enterprise in the Cloud [FREE TRIAL]

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