xTuple unveils landmark release 4.8 and expanded product roadmap for 2015


Open source ERP leader releases new Mobile Warehouse and Quality Management functionality, reaffirms commitment to Desktop app with major new features

xTuple, the world’s #1 open source ERP software, announced today a major new release of its award winning Enterprise Resource Planning suite and a community-focused product roadmap for the next several releases into the new year.

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Available this month, version 4.8 is a major step forward for the three primary client interfaces into the xTuple ERP system:

  • Desktop, the classic interface available on Windows, Mac and Linux, adds dozens of new enhancements, including expanded support for electronic payments, more powerful options for custom scripting, automated bank reconciliation, integration with third party payroll services, and an expanded Time and Attendance clock/subsystem
  • Mobile Web interface adds support for mobile barcode scanning within various warehouse transactions, as well as mobile label printing. Warehouse workers can pick, ship, receive, and put away items with a wireless laser scanner. As part of this new development, the Mobile Web interface can now print any existing report in the Desktop client using the free and open source (FOSS) OpenRPT report writer, available from xTuple
  • Additionally, Quality Management System, which works with both Mobile Web and Desktop clients, delivers rigorous structure for inspection testing and ISO 9000 quality control. QMS is built with the new Workflow subsystem, which is available to all three of the primary xTuple client interfaces
  • xTupleCommerce customer-facing website added a number of new features, including Authorize.net integration, saved shopping carts, related products, the ability for customers to manage multiple accounts online, customer-specific pricing, and Dimensional Weight UPS freight quoting

The above interfaces all connect to the same xTuple Server, a software tool for managing the database, Web server, and REST API (application programming interface), all while allowing for simplified, managed backups and upgrades. xTuple Server is available for free download from popular open source sites such as GitHub, as a subscription service in the xTuple Cloud, or pre-installed on a dedicated hardware appliance.

Following the successful xTupleCon user conference in October, xTuple collected and processed community feedback from customers, partners, and open source users worldwide. The most significant result will be a renewed focus on the widely-used Desktop app, built with the popular open source Qt framework.

“Our users love the Desktop app,” said xTuple CEO Ned Lilly, “and many have made significant investments in custom Desktop scripts and packages which they are reluctant to migrate to other platforms. What’s more, the open source community behind Qt has rallied impressively in the past few years, after the stumbles of its prior corporate sponsor, Nokia. Ironically, after Nokia released Qt, the technology has thrived in mobile platforms — and is now performing well on iOS and Android devices, as well as the classic desktop environments.”

The next release of xTuple, version 4.9, will be built with the latest Qt version 5.4, which features an impressive array of new features, including a completely overhauled set of Web technologies. xTuple 4.9 will also add a number of highly desirable features aimed at simplifying the user experience (UX), including Configurable Shortcuts, a robust system-wide Search, and connecting a powerful graphing engine to the Desktop app’s popular Parameter Widget (a power reporting tool for non-technical end users). The expanded xTuple development roadmap is available on the community website. Future plans include expanding integrated Document Management, merging the new Workflow and the existing Events functionality, integration with third-party email services such as Constant Contact and MailChimp, and much more.

xTuple will continue indefinitely to support all three client interfaces — Desktop, Mobile Web and eCommerce website. The company will also continue to fine-tune the sophisticated architecture of its market-leading solution to further leverage its powerful REST web services API for both its own client interfaces, as well as connections with a growing list of third-party software applications.


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Announced: landmark release 4.8 and expanded product roadmap for 2015 | http://ow.ly/G8p2L #ERP

New Mobile Warehouse and Quality Management functionality released in 4.8 | http://ow.ly/G8p2L #ERP

#Opensource software leader reaffirms commitment to Desktop app with major new features | http://ow.ly/G8p2L #ERP


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