xTuple Releases 4.4 — Another Milestone in the Fight for Freedom


Shadowy status quo giants use software to instill fear; Open source ERP leader "caps" successful quarter with liberty for all

xTuple, the world's #1 open source ERP software, struck another marvelous blow for software freedom today with the release of version 4.4 of its supply chain, accounting and CRM product. The release coincides with the 4/4 theatrical release of Marvel Studios' "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," which features the sentinel of liberty battling a nefarious collection of evil-doers who attempt to use technology to control the world's population through fear.

Empowering users with their own business decision-making is an important part of how xTuple distinguishes itself from status quo ERP vendors. Users have choices of:

  • Desktop platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, browser)
  • Mobile platform (iOS, Android, Windows) independent of preferred tablet or phone form factor
  • Deployment environment and portability (onsite, hosted, public cloud, private cloud) and
  • License (open source, perpetual, annual or monthly subscription).

Ned Lilly xTuple CEO as Captain AmericaVersion 4.4 includes hundreds of new features and fixes for both the classic Desktop and Mobile Web clients, including sophisticated enhancements to multi-site shipping, inventory reservations, and a configurable sales order entry screen that will dramatically simplify workflow for manufacturers and distributors. There’s also improvements to manufacturing time and attendance tracking, finance charges, and simplification of sometimes-obscure ERP terminology to make the system more accessible. And the march to replicate all Desktop functionality in the Mobile Web client continues, with the addition of more manufacturing, shipping, purchasing and accounting features.

“With 4.4, we’re continuing our proud tradition of tying major product releases to Marvel superhero movies,” noted xTuple CEO Ned Lilly. “We’re also quite clear where we stand on the question of centralized control by a few large software vendors. As Cap says in the movie, ‘this isn’t freedom, it’s fear.’ We’re delivering freedom from the fear of vendor lock-in, whether it’s a traditional software company or a supposedly benevolent cloud service. Lock-in is lock-in, and if you can’t move, can’t access your data in the way you want to, you’re not in control.”

Grid-style sales order entry, xTuple Mobile Web clientGrid-style sales order entry, xTuple Mobile Web client

Grid-style sales order entry, xTuple Mobile Web clientBill of Materials and Routing on a Work Order, xTuple Mobile Web client

A growing number of xTuple customers, especially those interested in the ever-expanding Mobile Web application, opt to host their systems in the xTuple Cloud Service, offered in partnership with leading providers Amazon and Rackspace. And uniquely among ERP vendors, xTuple allows both annual and perpetual license customers to host in its cloud service, and also allows for easy backups, API Web service connectivity, and portability to any other environment the customer wishes.

As always, please review the xTuple Compatibility Matrix before upgrading.


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About xTuple

Award-winning xTuple, makers of the world’s leading suite of open source accounting, Corporate Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), is supply chain management software for growing businesses to control their operations and profitability. xTuple integrates all critical functional areas in one modular system: sales, financials and operations — including customer and supplier management, inventory control, manufacturing and distribution — the powerful tools to Grow Your World®.

As a commercial open source company, xTuple works with a global community of tens of thousands of professional users. xTuple gives customers the ability to tailor solutions with multi-platform support for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile as well as flexible licensing and pricing options. Connect with the company at http://www.xTuple.com, with the open source community at http://www.xTuple.org, and join the innovation conversation at http://NextBusinessBlog.com.

CIO Review named xTuple a top company in the forefront of tackling Manufacturing Technology challenges and impacting today’s marketplace.