xTuple Open Source ERP ranks in Top Business Management Solutions


Largest independent online marketplace sees xTuple products well-positioned for best-in-class manufacturing and distribution operations solutions

xTuple announces the company’s top listing in GetApp's quarterly ranking which showcases the top cloud-based Business Management applications. Ranking is based on five unique data points: user reviews, software integrations, media presence, mobile availability and security.

“As more and more companies — from startups to small- and mid-sized businesses to large enterprises  conduct their due diligence online, we’re proud to be featured so prominently in the GetApp software marketplace, especially in league with proprietary vendors many times the size of xTuple,” said xTuple CEO Ned Lilly.

GetApp’s Category Leader rankings showcase the top cloud-based business apps for 27 different product categories including business management, finance and accounting, project management, customer management and marketing, website and eCommerce. Whether it’s a first-time software buyer or a business looking to make the switch from one product to another, Category Leaders delivers a comprehensive list of the top solutions using a unique, five-factor scoring methodology.

The scoring system used by GetApp ensures that the ranking is completely independent of any commercial relationship may have with software vendors.

Starting in Q1 2017, GetApp added additional components to its scoring methodology to provide even more valuable data to the ranking. GetApp’s extensive marketplace also include sister sites Software Advice and Capterra for even more data.

GetApp listings serve as a point of reference for software buyers and business owners to get a good sense of the market landscape for whichever software they may need.



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About xTuple — Open source ERP+CRM, Web Portal for Manufacturing and Distribution

Award-winning xTuple is the leading commercial open source suite of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software with integrated CRM for Manufacturing and Distribution companies who need control over operations and profitability. Includes all critical supply chain functions in one modular system: accounting, sales, customer and supplier management, inventory control, manufacturing and distribution. Manufacturers: make-to-order, make-to-stock, mixed-mode. Distributors: electrical, HVAC, plumbing, industrial and consumer wholesale distribution. Available with real-time eCommerce / Sales & Service Customer Web Portal.

xTuple is powerful tools to Grow Your World®. Discrete pieces of the system, called ERPlets™, may be utilized separately, without implementing the entire ERP system. xTuple gives customers the ability to tailor solutions with multi-platform support for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile as well as flexible licensing and pricing options.

Join the innovation conversation with the open source community at xTuple.com. Learn about the product with xTupleUniversity.com.