Solutions Review: Top Open Source ERP Platforms

The marketplace for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms is maturing on a daily basis, getting more and more crowded with excellent software tools for a variety of use cases, verticals, deployment methods and budgets. Traditional ERP providers continue to offer Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities that have remained staples to the market since widespread adoption of ERP software began more than a decade ago. However, disruptive newcomers and evolving customer trends are bringing new technologies to the table so that organizations can take full advantage of data.

There are large providers we refer to as ‘mega-vendors’, like Infor, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft. There are also the lesser-known innovators with interesting products that play in niche areas, such as IQMS, Workday, Workwise Software and Acumatica. In an attempt to assist you with what can become a daunting task of selecting the right product, we’ve provided you with the top free, open source ERP options that can help get your business in shape.


PostBooks® is the free and open source core of xTuple’s full-featured ERP and includes accounting, sales, customer and supplier management, inventory control and light manufacturing. Built for flexibility, xTuple can run in the cloud or on a local server and offers multi-platform support for Windows, Mac, Linux. xTuple is flexible enough for a range of businesses and industries of any size, especially manufacturers in make-to-order, make-to-stock and mixed-mode and industrial and consumer wholesale distributors. The free version also makes add-ons available such as a real-time business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce / Sales & Service Customer Web Portal.

The Top Open Source ERP Platforms

Written by Elizabeth Quirk