Open source xTuple ERP+CRM announces biggest release to date — hundreds of enhancements including Dashboards and Workflow Management


xTuple 4.10 technology updates deliver advanced features, increase speed, pave way for future software development

After 18 months of research and development, business software leader xTuple releases 4.10 — a major milestone update of the company’s flagship Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) package.

xTuple ERP+CRM 4.10 final release fixes over 300 bugs reported by the company's open source community and includes nearly 100 new features. The software is available for download from xTuple's GitHub community repository as well as the xTuple open source project page on SourceForge.

In addition to major new features, such as Simple Sales Order, VAT/GST Taxation enhancements and Workflow Management, smaller additions and technology changes are also implemented in this upgrade of xTuple's business management software.

Product manager for xTuple ERP, Ben Thompson, talks about the improved functionality in his newly expanded release notes: "xTuple 4.10: What's in it for me?"

"The new xTuple Dashboards commercial extension is our response to the #1 most requested feature from our commercial customers," said Thompson. "It adds fine-grained, user-defined Dashboards throughout the xTuple desktop client, that feature Key Performance Indicator (KPI) charts and visualizations specific to your job."

xTuple customer Javier Cabezudo, ERP Manager at wireless video device manufacturer Teradek, is an early adopter of the key new feature in version 4.10.

Cabezudo notes, "With the new Dashboards functionality, we can create real-time visual representations of KPIs inside our company. It's a great tool for management to see immediate, actionable information — and the flexible and powerful design allows us to build rich graphical reports on literally any business information captured by the ERP system."

Customer Workbench Dashboard Live Example
See the Customer Workbench Dashboard Live Example.

According to Thompson, xTuple has already started work on the development cycle for its next milestone, version 4.11, the primary focus of which will be performance improvements throughout the Desktop Client. xTuple has identified a number of bottlenecks in the application and is working hard to resolve them. In addition to speed increases, xTuple will continue moving more Workflow Management features into the Desktop Client and rework Inventory transactions to support a new native mobile app for Inventory.

xTuple CEO Ned Lilly said, "We're very proud of this milestone release. It reflects the continuing balance we try to strike between maintaining and improving the free and open source PostBooks® core application and developing powerful new functionality, such as Dashboards and Workflow Management, for our commercial customers with more sophisticated manufacturing and distribution requirements."

As always, please review the xTuple Compatibility Matrix before upgrading.



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