Online xTuple University beta opens for Enterprise Software Training


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xTuple announces the immediate availability of xTuple University (xTupleU) — an online learning center for the enterprise software open source community. During the beta period, registered users enjoy complimentary, unlimited access to all training videos on the site.

xTuple®University Kick-off video Direct Video Link

The xTupleU free beta period closes October 20, 2014, at the end of the company’s global user conference #xTupleCon14. The beta includes two months of full access to the complete video library. This is all new content, published now for the first time, with more subject matter expertise added daily.

Registration for the free beta account at xTupleU is open to anyone.

More and more small- and mid-sized business owners find it difficult to leave their organizations for long periods of time, even for a training class that directly impacts their bottom line. Technology-focused education’s future is online, self-guided, and video-based, and xTuple has responded in kind to the community’s expanded training requests with the launch of xTupleU.

“The xTupleU site is a perfect do-it-yourself learning opportunity for users of xTuple’s free and open source software version, PostBooks®, used by tens of thousands small- and mid-sized businesses globally," said Pierce Tyler, vice president of xTuple knowledge management. 

xTuple enjoys a reputation as extremely responsive to the open source community when it comes to improving product quality, as evidenced by the third prize-filled haxTuple bug-squashing competition. xTuple developers also lead the world among open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects in resolving reported bugs, with a close rate of over 94 per cent, according to statistics.

Current xTupleU topics range from operations to accounting and system administration to software development. Hot topics such as Business Intelligence for small to larger enterprises are covered. Both the Desktop and new browser-based Mobile Web clients are featured, as is the new xTuple Server, which both applications also share. Content includes short (approximately ten minutes or less) lessons from the entire five-day basic xTuple training course entitled “Setup, Configuration & Operations” — typically used as a refresher to in-class materials.

xTuple University features:

  • Custom playlists — Create and save lists of videos
  • Mobile Learning — Watch from your computer or switch to tablet or smartphone
  • Unlimited access — Learn what you want, when you want, from our entire library
  • Hundreds of Videos — Find what you need in our growing library, content added weekly
  • Content Experts — Watch and learn from passionate top subject matter experts
  • Instruction variety — Courses for all levels of technical skills and business interests

xTupleU delivers a professional development foundation for users of xTuple software products (and for those in the ERP evaluation process) with self-paced courses available wherever you are, day or night. All that is needed is access to the Internet and a computer, tablet, or even a smartphone — at home, during work, at the library or your favorite coffee shop. Designed with the end user in mind, xTupleU promises to increase operational efficiency.

While an excellent supplement for the usual four- and five-day xTuple training classes, the xTupleU learning management system is not meant as a substitute for in-person, hands-on education – so xTupleU annual subscribers receive substantial discounts on both in-person classroom training and medium-form distance learning classes.

Once the beta period ends, subscribing members may choose from two options

  • Basic “playlist” option, selecting blocks of training videos, which are accessible as needed at any time during a six-month period, with volume discounts available
  • Premium annual per user subscription, featuring multiple user discounts, and premium content at special half-off rates, including all in-class and live, distance-learning opportunities

As part of the xTuple Partner Program, value-added resellers (VARs) enjoy a free subscription to xTupleU, and memberships for their customers are available.

Subject matter experts from the open source community are also encouraged to be involved by contributing content and providing feedback on additional topics of interest.


Mastering your supply chain is mission-critical. #xTupleUniversity can help [free beta ends October 20]

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Meet xTupleU, new go-to online resource for cost effective, flexible #ERP learning 


About xTuple University (#xTupleU)

Designed to help you grow yourself professionally — and your business exponentially, xTupleU is the go-to resource to learn from xTuple subject matter experts who share their knowledge on wide-ranging topics — from setup and configuration to tips and tricks and deep-dive seminars. With high-definition xTupleU videos, users can get started faster, explore complex topics, answer frequently asked questions, and provide dependable training for new employees. From the warehouse to the front office, xTuple University provides ERP, accounting and CRM training materials for everyone in your organization.

About #xTupleCon14

Held in the downtown business district at the premier Norfolk Marriott Waterside Hotel and Conference Center, xTupleCon brings together a global community of open source technologists and ERP users to learn, collaborate and innovate. For 2014, attendees experience two days of in-depth pre-conference hands-on workshops, a VIP welcome reception, awards dinner, door prizes, invaluable training, and more. xTupleCon14’s week-long events run Monday, October 13, through Saturday, October 18, 2014.

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Award-winning xTuple, makers of the world’s leading suite of open source accounting, Corporate Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), is supply chain management software for growing businesses to control their operations and profitability. xTuple integrates all critical functional areas in one modular system: sales, financials and operations — including customer and supplier management, inventory control, manufacturing and distribution — the powerful tools to Grow Your World®.

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