xTuple Newsletter — xTupler

Read below for details on the all-new version 3.3 of xTuple ERP (PostBooks, Standard, and Manufacturing Editions), as well as a FREE public beta release of xTuple's new Point-of-Sale package for retail businesses. Our global community continues to grow and thrive — and we're looking for your input as we look out to the next few releases of the software.

The first is the upcoming release of version 3.3.0 of xTuple ERP. The details are below, but in summary, it was the most collaboratively-designed (and coded) release yet of xTuple ERP. You'll be particularly pleased if you are a distributor with inventory to manage at various sites, or if you operate in a country with a complex VAT and other tax structures.

The climate-controlled offices at xTuple are 99.9% bug-free, but we'll freely admit that's not the case with software — ours, or anyone else's. In the last six months we've cranked out three well-received releases in the 3.2.x cycle, and we're currently in beta testing of version 3.3.0. All the new feature development in 3.3 is complete, and it's time to swat some bugs.

These days, it's not enough to offer an open source product; the magic comes from providing an open source platform. It's got to be possible for users to customize and extend the product. We get that. Over a year ago we added full support for scripting to xTuple ERP to enable users to write modifications without the overhead of changing core code. In January we even embedded the scripting tools directly into the application. Giving out tools to modify the software, however, was only the first step.

On March 17 we launched a major update to both xTuple.com and xTuple.org. We'd been working on the new sites for a few months, and thought we'd give them the extra benefit of a St. Patrick's Day launch for good luck. (And yes, we did push back the original date of Friday the 13th — who says software people are all cold-eyed rationalists?)

OK, we admit it. That's a pretty shameless attempt to ride the coattails — of all the energy and excitement around the new U.S. President. Even for those who didn't support him (and the xTuple staff, like the rest of America, was split right down the middle), it's inspiring to think about starting fresh — learning from both best practices and past mistakes, but not being afraid to chart a new course when the situation calls for it.

2008 was an exciting year for xTuple, and demand for our software has never been stronger. We've seen over 185,000 downloads of the PostBooks edition of xTuple ERP, and we consistently rank among the top 10 most active projects at SourceForge.net. Despite the economic slowdown, or perhaps because of it, there's never been a better time to be working with open source ERP.

We're incredibly excited to announce the world's first collaborative translation portal for xTuple ERP! Read on for details on how you can join in translating xTuple to one of the nine languages we're already working on, or add your own.

xTuple ERP is constructed in cooperation with our users, customers and partners. We're proud of the product that has emerged. Our goal is to be nothing less than the best open source ERP platform on the market.