Innovation and Steady Growth in 2013 for Open Source ERP xTuple


Focused research and development on mobile and eCommerce products yields accolades and awards, double-digit revenue growth

xTuple, widely recognized as the world’s leading open source ERP software provider, posted another record year in 2013, with a double-digit increase in revenue from a very strong 2012, and major breakthroughs in next-generation product development.

“We are constantly amazed at the rapid pace of innovation that our embrace of open source affords us,” said CEO Ned Lilly. “But as we like to say, open source is not the ‘what’ — it’s the ‘how.’ How we are able to bring game-changing new products to market so quickly, and integrate seamlessly with other technologies, new and old. Moving into 2014, we are reaffirming our commitment to leverage this open source advantage to bring advanced ERP functionality to customers of all sizes — with a special focus on supply chain-focused businesses in manufacturing and distribution.”

Unique among ERP software vendors of any size, xTuple has committed to delivering the full functionality of its legacy Desktop Client in the company’s Mobile Web application, a process accelerating with every new release of the product.

According to Jay Lyman, an analyst at research firm The 451 Group, xTuple “makes things more interesting by expanding its open source ERP software from desktop to mobile... While xTuple has typically served as a less-expensive, lighter-weight, more modern ERP alternative to larger and older suites, the company is now appealing to customers with its mobile integration and capabilities, which continue to grow. The tight integration and compatibility with its desktop ERP also makes xTuple appealing to large enterprises.”

xTuple has led the challenge to innovate cost-effective, platform-agnostic software to help manufacturers and distributors worldwide grow and thrive. Customers range from Global 1000 enterprises such as U-Haul, to rapidly growing food and nutraceuticals players such as Cedarlane Foods and Nordic Naturals, to Shanghai-based Modern Space Asia, a global provider of high quality store fixtures, case goods and commercial millwork.

Other big news for 2013, xTuple was:

  • Named by CIO Review as tops in tackling Manufacturing Technology challenges and impacting today’s marketplace
  • Voted by the global open source community as SourceForge Project of the Month
  • Expanded the team, establishing a newly formed Web Services Group for the revolutionary xTupleCommerce Web Portal offering to deliver fully integrated customer-facing business solutions – for consumer and trade online sales
  • Expanded its global partner program by 30%, on top of comparable growth in 2012
  • Ignited open source globally with the inaugural xTupleCon user conference, showcasing software advances and highlighting community achievements
  • Kicked off the second community development initiative, Feature Mob 2, to crowd-source xTuple PostBooks with new features
  • Selected for Virginia Leaders in Export Trade Program (VALET) to strengthen international business and software development operations
  • Awarded “NextGen” status by the Software Industry’s principal trade association, adding xTuple to the prestigious “Top Ten” list of 2013 Innovators 
  • Partnered with open source leader OrangeHRM to extend xTuple with Human Resource Management
  • Joined National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) as solution provider to members
  • Delivered the second quadrennial of “Greatest Hits,” a compilation of major customer- and community- developed “classic” features

xTuple continues its mission to empower growing companies of all sizes to master their supply chain with enterprise-level operational controls. The company’s expanding customer base confirms that successful implementations of powerful and easy-to-use open source xTuple ERP software improves profitability.


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